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Product Updates: Find out what's new and exciting about RealtyNinja and your real estate website!
Product Updates is a regular Dojo announcement that keeps you in the loop with everything new at RealtyNinja by highlighting our most recent product improvements. Here’s a summary of everything we've released lately.

Did you know that Ninjas don’t sleep? We just work on product updates around the clock! Since our last update in June, there have been a colossal amount of updates to our business and our platform. In fact, we tallied up all the things we launched in 2020, and the number of updates is a whopping 281!

Lately, we’ve been launching new stuff every single day – to the point where we’ve kind of shocked ourselves. Of course, not all of these new launches and updates are ground-breaking…

Our goal for Q3 & Q4 of 2020 has been to clear all the little things off our plates to make room for mega moves in the new year. For this reason, our development roadmap has seen a big cleansing in preparation for 2021, which is set to be RealtyNinja’s biggest year yet.

We’re so excited to share some of our recent changes with you today, in our final Product Updates post for the year (don’t worry, we’re not covering all 281 updates here). Pour a coffee and get ready for this!

Let’s start with a big one… RealtyNinja’s newest product, tailor-made for agents looking to grow their business.

Get your Black Belt in Real Estate Marketing with our new educational product for agents. Introducing Dojo – The Blueprint for Real Estate Marketing Mastery:


Dojo - The Blueprint for Real Estate Marketing Mastery
Your competitors don't want you to know about this.

Over the last decade, we’ve helped real estate agents evolve from novice marketers to experienced real estate influencers living their dream lifestyles. We’ve provided them with real estate marketing tools and strategies which they’ve used to grow their business exponentially.

After hearing time and time again how these marketing tools and strategies have worked for our customers, we decided to create a product that would help even more agents achieve these high levels of success.

Since mid-2019, we’ve been working hard in the shadows to create an invaluable package that would supplement your RealtyNinja website and help you build your best business. On November 1st, we launched that package – it’s called Dojo – The Blueprint for Real Estate Marketing Mastery, and it includes dozens of resources that we mention in the video below (or the bullet list after it, if you prefer to read them out!)

  • Real estate marketing ebook, decades of knowledge and experience into 140-pages (get a sample chapter)
  • Audiobook recording of the ebook (in chapter tracks or full-length 3+ hour version)
  • Ebook companion guide & checklist, highlighting the most important takeaways from the ebook
  • 6 Video Interviews with Real Estate Experts in over 4 hours of footage (watch a sample clip)
  • 50+ Customizable design templates for agents (accessible through
  • Various customizable marketing templates, such as a 16-page Brand Guidelines template
  • Thousands of dollars in vouchers, discounts, and deals redeemable towards services agents need and love!

All of this is included for an affordable, one-time purchase price of $99 Canadian.

Learn all about our new product, and order yours today at

Neo vs. Agent Smith
You vs. Your Competition after reading Dojo - The Blueprint for Real Estate Marketing Mastery

What Else We Launched Recently

Ever since we launched VOW & Sold Listing Search this Summer, we kept the momentum going strong.

Since June we’ve launched a number of other awesome new features, updates and bug fixes for RealtyNinja customers. A lot of them were small or behind-the-scenes stuff that keeps the engine running smoothly, so we’ll start with the bigger ones. Use the links below to jump to a specific update to read more – OR – keep scrolling to learn about everything else!

Notable New Features/Updates

3 New Semi-Custom Design Options

We’ve added 3 beautiful semi-custom design options to our offering, bringing the total to 19! Here’s a closer look at the new additions:


Affordable. Bright. Modern. The updated, stylish sibling to Nagato and Miyoshi. For forward-thinking REALTORS® that want to stand out for less.

Live demo and pricing


A design infused with subdued power for those not to be underestimated. Confident, relaxed and professional – but you let your actions do the talking.

Live demo and pricing


When you’re global-minded and focused on high-end experiences, Kibatsu will set you apart from the rest. Inspired by designs from Los Angeles and Europe, this theme will definitely show off your unique personality.

Live demo and pricing

HoodQ Integration (Neighbourhood Highlights on Listings)

Our friends over at HoodQ have created a great Neighbourhood Highlights widget which automatically provides a neighbourhood snapshot of Schools, Parks and Transit for all your (and general MLS®) listings and buildings.

Just go to any listing or building on your RealtyNinja website and scroll down. You’ll find it between the map and Walkscore sections:

As an added bonus, you’ll see an additional link to a detailed report if you’re a HoodQ subscriber!

Note: This functionality is now enabled on all of our websites, but you can turn it off in “Settings”, or our team can manually hide it on a particular listing by request.


Custom Header, Body, and Footer Code on Each Page

Web designers could already add custom header, body or footer code on RealtyNinja websites, but now they can do so on a per-page basis. This is great for landing pages or other situations where you only need to load custom code on a particular page and not the whole site.

Read all about custom coding on your RealtyNinja website.

Batch Photo Uploader in Media Library

We’ve completely replaced the old file uploader in the “Media Library” section (in the backend of our websites) with a super slick one that lets you choose and upload multiple files at a time.

Calgary MLS® Data Provider Migration

In July we upgraded our CREB MLS® data integration from the legacy system to the new Pillar9 system, and now have direct Pillar9 integration with a number of real estate boards in Alberta.

Victoria/Vancouver Island MLS® Data Provider Migration

Earlier this year the Victoria Real Estate Board (VREB) and the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board (VIREB) recently merged MLS® data providers and updated to the new Viva system. We made sure to update our MLS® data integration for these boards too!

Listing Updates Every 30 Minutes

Updates from the various real estate boards we integrate with come into our MLS® database at various intervals, but we now push changes to our customers websites every 30 minutes. This means much less waiting for listings on your site to update!

Other New Features/Updates

Better Image Optimization (On Image Resize)

We use a fancy service for handling images on your website, and we just made it even better. When you use the editor to resize a photo we now serve the exact size needed, which decreases load time and the size of your page (which is great for real estate SEO).

Editable Headings on Contact Forms

Our website editor has a “Form” widget that you can place on any page of your site (for buyers, sellers and contact forms). Now you can fully edit the headings on that form widget to make it say whatever you like. You can also do this on the “quick contact” widget. Neat!


Re-Order Slides in the Tall Header Widget

You can now simply drag to re-order the slides in the “Tall Header” widget options.

DDF Search Data Feed (Limit To Board)

If your website is using CREA’s DDF data you now have the option to limit MLS® search widgets on your website to your specific real estate board (instead of the whole province).


Forced SSL Security on Subdomains (Trial Sites)

All of our trial websites ( now have SSL security enabled by default. No more “unsecure” warnings – even while you’re on our unlimited free trial.


Removing Auto-Embedded Listing Tours/Videos on Sold Listings

For sold listings, we now remove any listing tours/videos that were automatically embedded. This is great because often times a tour provider will take down a listing tour after it has sold, and it would result in a broken tour player on your site.

Ability to show price on “Listings Showcase” widget

You’ll find a new “Show Price” checkbox in the widget options for the “Listings Showcase” widget.

Better Blog Category URL’s

Now if you change the name of a blog category it intelligently updates the URL in a way that doesn’t break previous links pointing at your blog article. It also auto-forwards any traffic from the old category to the new one.

Handy Tools For Web Designers:

Web designers will love the recent updates we’ve made. They include:

  • Code Editor / Syntax Highlighting
  • Custom CSS Classes on Links
  • Added MLS® Number To Body Class For All Listings
  • Arrows On Testimonials Widget (hidden by default, can be shown with a CSS override)
  • Better Content Widget Markup and CSS Classes

Bug Fixes

We’ve also squished quite a few annoying bugs over the past few months. They include:

  • Using “Link” Tool In Editor No Longer Overrides Text Formatting
  • More Reliable Quote & Align Tools In Editor
  • MLS® Search Widget “Fluid” Layout Resulted In Loading Icon Always Showing
  • Maintenance Fee/Tax Amount on Listings No Longer Show When Empty
  • Editor Changes in Chrome Didn’t Appear to Save Unless Manually Refreshed (in Some Cases)
  • Tall Header Widget: Showing Navigation Even With 1 Slide
  • Tall Header Widget: Changing Banner Photo Cleared Other Slide Info (in Some Cases)
  • Sold Listings Displayed One Brokerage in Cases Where There Were Multiple
  • MLS® Sorting Dropdown Not Working in Certain Scenarios
  • Paging on Buildings Widget Map View Not Working in Certain Scenarios
  • Clearing Sold Date on Listings Didn’t Save in Certain Scenarios
  • Hiding Map Location for Listings With a Hidden Address
  • Better “View on Google Maps” Link Handling (Uses Marker Position and Lat/Long Values) Instead of Address
  • Resizing Images Using the Editor Was Not Possible On Ones That Overlapped the Tall Header Widget
  • Ability to Remove a Blog Category by Choosing “All Categories” Option

..And Over 100+ Other Bug Fixes, Small Features, Performance/Stability Enhancements.

The New & Improved 

Aside from all the updates we’ve launched for customers lately, we’ve also found the time to give ourselves a bit of a facelift! If you’ve had a chance to visit lately, you’ll notice we launched a brand new and – if we may say so ourselves – exceptionally beautiful website!

Not only that, but the launch of our website went hand-in-hand with the launch of our new commercial video – which is embedded directly into the top of our new homepage. Take a minute and watch our new commercial below (if you haven’t seen it already):

As the old saying goes, the cobbler’s son has no shoes. We didn’t want to fall into that stereotype, especially since a company that makes awesome websites SHOULD have an awesome website themselves. Our previous website had been around for a good 4-5 years, and it was time for an upgrade.

The new and improved
Visit to see our new and improved look!

Since we launched our new website in September, we’ve seen a major surge in the number of customers signing up for their own RealtyNinja website. Which goes to show you, a little design upgrade can really go a long way.

If you’re looking to improve your own conversions, maybe you should have a chat with our design team (the same wonderful people who upgraded this year) and order a new Semi-Custom or Fully Custom design.

Your business will thank you for the design upgrade – ours sure has.

New Marketplace Additions & Free Downloads

We’ve updated the RealtyNinja Marketplace with lots of new companies that are providing exclusive deals to RealtyNinja customers. They include:

  • RankMyAgent 10% Off Individual Premium Plans
  • Fierce Media – 10% Off Social Media Management Package
  • Keep it Simple Social Media Private Coaching20% off Private Coaching
  • Keep it Simple Social Media Account Management – 20% Off Account Management
  • Natascha Bruhin Copywriting10% off Hourly Rate
  • Simplebooklet – 2 Months Free (Any Plan)

If you’re a RealtyNinja customer, you can claim any of these deals (and way more) by visiting the RealtyNinja Marketplace.

We’ve also added a couple new free real estate marketing resources to our website, make sure to check them out! They include

More Features & Updates Coming Soon

We’ve recently reviewed our development roadmap and have earmarked all the things we want to launch in 2021. The roadmap is packed full of goodies, including things our amazing customers have requested. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and regularly check The Dojo for updates.

Customer Spotlight: Aidin Ashkieh

Business balance meets design balance in this stunning website.

Today we’re sharing a fresh website that balances two common areas agents work in: real estate and property management. Aidin needed a design that promoted both for-sale and for-rent listings, and also illustrated his drive to succeed for all clients.

Through smart layout choices and encouraging calls to action, we worked to strengthen Aidin’s brand recognition and provide an easy to use experience for anyone that has an interest in his services to ultimately get in touch. Check out Aidin’s website live!

Aidin Homes - Real Estate Website
Want a site like Aidin's? Visit to get started

Looking for some design inspiration? Check out some really great examples of customized RealtyNinja sites then get in touch with us to start the design process!

Before You Go

We don’t want to be just any website company, our goal is to be the #1 real estate website platform in Canada. That’s why we’re always coming up with new ways to help agents and brokers.

Here are some new deals, promotions, and resources we’ve created for customers lately:


If you’re a brokerage with 10 agents or more, we want to give you a free website. We also want to give your agents 15% off their website subscriptions. If you know a broker who might be interested, let them know about the RealtyNinja Brokerage Deal and to get in touch.


Are you an agent who was newly licensed sometime in the last 6 months? Then we have one heck of a deal for you. It’s expensive getting started in real estate, so we’re giving new agents 25% off our annual fee and website customizations for the first 365 days that they are a RealtyNinja customer. Contact us for more info.


Considering a RealtyNinja website? Every Tuesday at 10:00 am PST, I will personally give webinar registrants a complete look at RealtyNinja from sign-up to launch, in our weekly Demo Webinar. Register for the next one on Tuesday at the link above.


Did you know that we provide our customers with a sweet assortment of deals and discounts from 3rd party companies that REALTORS® love? Browse deals and claim your favourites in the Marketplace.

That’s all for now, Ninjas! Thanks for being part of our awesome Ninja family. Stay tuned for lots more awesomeness.

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