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RealtyNinja’s New Product: A Transformative Real Estate Marketing Training Package

Introducing your new secret weapon: Dojo – The Blueprint for Real Estate Marketing Mastery. A tool that will help real estate professionals build their best business.

CREA Trademarks - homes

Am I Using the REALTOR® & MLS® Trademarks Correctly?

In 1266 King Henry III passed the first trademark legislation, which was designed to distinguish the bread of one baker from another. This legislation meant that a baker’s ‘trade-mark’ was imprinted on

RealtyNinja Dojo Recap Video

Dojo Recap: The Most Important Lessons for Real Estate Agents

Over three years ago, we rebranded the RealtyNinja blog and called it “The Dojo” – since then, we’ve been publishing articles almost every single week.

Real Estate Listings are a Swiss Army Knife

7 Ways to Turn Listing Photos Into Awesome Content

Listing photos are the Swiss Army Knife of real estate marketing. Generally speaking, every REALTOR® reading this gets photos taken of the property they are

Real Estate Email Drip Marketing Campaigns That Work

3 Real Estate Email Marketing Drip Campaigns That Work

Paint your email marketing masterpiece with a little creative inspiration from the Ninjas.

Gmail Laptop

Communicate in Real Estate: How to Use Gmail Better

As a REALTOR®, you need your email to be a useful tool to propel the business – not a productivity killer. For many businesses and

Phone, Tablet, Laptop: How to Optimize Your Email Content for Every Screen Size Out There

The recent explosion in popularity over the last few years for mobile Internet devices means that no longer are people reading email strictly on large

5 Seemingly Small E-mail Mistakes REALTORS Make All The Time

As time goes on, your clients will only get more advanced and integrated with technology. If you’re not, you may be sending the wrong impression