List & Grid View On MLS® Searches, Faster IDX + More

RealtyNinja Updates: List & Grid View & More

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest awesome RealtyNinja product update.

List & Grid View: MLS® Search Results

This update applies to your full featured RealtyNinja websites, as well as your IDX accounts and Hotsheets accounts.

Many of you have asked us for this update – specifically for your IDX accounts – and we have (as always) taken your requests and feedback to heart. We are proud and excited to announce that you can now set the default view of your MLS® Search results to “List View” and “Grid View“, which will present the listings in either 1 column or 3 columns with larger listing thumbnails and a different overall presentation of the information. Check out the screenshots below to see how MLS® Search results will look when set to List View and Grid View by default.

Product Update: MLS Search Grid View Example

Listings in a Grid!

MLS Search List View Example

Listings in a List!

If you’d like to learn how to change your MLS® Search result to “List View” or “Grid View”, click here to check out the Help Doc – Or get in touch and we can help you switch your existing searches from table view to one of these new views!

IDX Account Enhancements

The most important announcement for our IDX accounts has already been made above, but it’s totally worth mentioning twice. You can now change the default view of your custom MLS® Searches to show in either List or Grid View. This is a major upgrade for the IDX functionality, as it allows you to showcase listings on your custom website in a much more aesthetically pleasing and engaging way.

Another awesome update to our IDX Accounts is the ability to open listings in new browser tabs without affecting the user experience. Prior to this update, if a visitor to your custom website opened a RealtyNinja IDX listing in a new tab, that listing would appear in “naked” format – meaning the listing information would be loaded alone in a white browser window rather than with your website wrapped around it. We wanted to say goodbye to naked listings entirely, so now when you open a listing in a new tab it also loads your website around that listing so the user experience is much more seamless, consistent and branded. This update is automatically applied to all IDX Accounts and requires no additional work on your end. Hoora!

We have also enhanced the overall speed of our IDX Accounts. What this speed enhancement means for RealtyNinja customers:

  • Your embedded IDX listings will load and appear much more rapidly on your custom website,
  • Your visitors will be able to access the listings they are looking for faster than ever before.

If you’d like our team to switch the default MLS® search result view on your website (from table to list or grid), please let us know and we’d be happy to do it for you.

For Video Bloggers

If your online marketing strategy calls for video blogging, we’ve just tweaked the RealtyNinja Blog functionality a bit to help you out. Since this update, whenever someone visits your blog they will see video thumbnails excerpts for your video blog posts – these video thumbnails are fully interactive, and afford the visitor a chance to watch the video without leaving the main blog page. Give visitors very easy access to your embedded video content on your blog – visitors can watch your videos with as few clicks as possible!

Check out the screenshot below to see how video thumbnails will appear on

Product Update: View Video Blog Thumbnail Excerpts!

Clickable thumbnail video excerpts are here!

Thanks for reading, Ninjas. If you have any questions about these updates, or if you’d like our team to make any changes to your website, MLS® search or IDX for you, just get in touch and let us know what areas you’d like to cover:

Until we meet again [-_-]~~

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