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VOW & Sold Listing Search Now Available In Select Areas! Plus A Bunch Of Sweet New Features.

Let’s start with the big news… the news that many of you have been waiting for: VOW & Sold Listing Search Functionality is NOW AVAILABLE on RealtyNinja

Live Stream Your Next Open House & New RealtyNinja Features That Make It Easy

Let’s face it, in-person open houses aren’t really a thing right now – but that doesn’t mean you’re out of options. If you’re looking for an opportunity

RealtyNinja ❤’s Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers, Construction Companies & More!

Did you know that RealtyNinja can build websites for Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers, Construction Companies and various other professional industries? Just take a peek at these

2018 RealtyNinja Team Collage

2018 in Review & a Look Ahead to 2019

It’s that magical time of year again! A time when days are shorter, everything moves a bit slower, loved ones bundle together for warmth, we eat and drink

Product Updates: Rentals, CRM Integration, New Widget & More!

At the start of the year, we released Katana into the wild. As of January 2018, anybody who signs up for a new website by

Katana - Fuji Design

Which One Of These Katana REALTOR® Websites is Your Favourite?

In the nine months since we announced our latest website innovation for REALTORS®, a phrase I’ve become very familiar with is “When is Katana ready?” That

10 Reasons To Join The Waitlist For a Katana REALTOR® Website

Only a fraction of REALTORS® are truly satisfied with their real estate website. Chances are at least one of the following statements rings true for

How Us Ninjas Became Video Marketers Overnight

I believe people should practice what they preach. Whether it’s regarding diet, love, business or simply moral code – it’s hard to take a person seriously if

Eli Drobnik

Our Ninja Family Needs Your Help Fighting Cancer

Before the end of 2016, tragedy struck the RealtyNinja family. We need your help. Those of you who have been RealtyNinja customers for a while