RealtyNinja ❤’s Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers, Construction Companies & More!

Did you know that RealtyNinja can build websites for Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers, Construction Companies and various other professional industries?

Reza Sabour - Mortgage Broker

Just take a peek at these sites we’ve created for different industries:

Before we launched RealtyNinja, our team ran a professional web design agency in Vancouver. In fact, we’ve been building websites for all types of businesses for over 17 years!

Recently we noticed that a growing number of our REALTOR® customers we’re asking if we can make a website for their colleagues. This made us realize that although the true power of our software lies in the real estate functionality, the platform at its core is simply a modern website builder.

RealtyNinja has all the functionality and widgets that most small businesses need (such as the ability to add content, manage pages, capture leads and look great on mobile) and we could offer the same great customer experience to them.

Best of all, if you’re an existing RealtyNinja customer and you refer someone to us we will give you 10% off your own website for every successful referral

Non-Realty pricing is just $49/month and includes our free professional setup, hosting and the same great support we’re known for! To get started just ask someone to fill out the form on this page and we’ll take care of the rest:

Thanks for spreading the word about RealtyNinja! We ❤️ you!

PS. Stay tuned for exciting product announcements in the coming weeks.

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