RealtyNinja’s New Product: A Transformative Real Estate Marketing Training Package

Introducing your new secret weapon: Dojo - The Blueprint for Real Estate Marketing Mastery. A tool that will help real estate professionals build their best business.

We’ve always been dedicated to helping you optimize your real estate marketing. Our new product is a testament to that dedication.

Whether it’s through our articles right here in The Dojo, our informative webinars, our free downloads for agents, our daily ninja tips emails, or our social media channels, it’s always been our goal to help REALTORS® get better returns on their marketing efforts.

Our dedication to this goal is neverending, which is precisely why we’ve spent over a year putting together the best marketing resources possible for agents. This resource is our new product, it’s called Dojo – The Blueprint for Real Estate Marketing Mastery – and before you ask yes, it’s namesake is this blog!

Dojo [ doh-joh ] noun, plural do·jos

A school or practice hall where karate, judo, or other martial arts are taught.

In our Dojo, we teach real estate marketing, not martial arts. Seeing as how we’re Ninjas though, the name fits the bill.

Introducing Dojo – The Blueprint for Real Estate Marketing Mastery

As a real estate agent, you need to be doing something to market your business every single day. The trouble is figuring out what you should be doing, and how to do it right.

This new product is a package containing tons of resources that will help you answer these questions, and will give you the necessary tools to pave a path to real estate marketing mastery.

What resources?

In this quick video, I’ll give you a rundown of what you get when you purchase Dojo – The Blueprint for Real Estate Marketing Mastery. Watch the video and then scroll down for more info!

“What you’ve done in Dojo – The Blueprint for Real Estate Marketing Mastery, that is a labour of love. If anybody is not yet convinced they should have it, they should go and check it out. It’s probably the best resource I’ve seen in all of my years when it comes to digital marketing in real estate.”

-Simon Bray, President of

Everything included in the package:

140-Page Real Estate Marketing Ebook (versions for your Kobo, Kindle, iPad, Laptop, etc.)

A comprehensive ebook that covers real estate marketing from A-Z. Think of it as a real estate marketing textbook. Everything from your target market, to your REALTOR® brand, your marketing foundations, and additional marketing channels are covered in the ebook in detail. After you’re done reading the book (or listening to the audiobook) you will be prepared to take on the complex world of real estate marketing with confidence and style. The ebook has been prepared in various formats to fit any kind of e-reader from the Kindle to your Laptop.

dojo realtor marketing bundle

“I am so impressed with your ebook. You’ve pretty much covered everything I can think of that a new or a veteran REALTOR® would need to know in order to put together a complete business plan for themselves. So much good content. I found it not just an e-book but also a guide to help to create and keep a business plan on track.”

-Neal Uchida, Managing Broker at Blu Realty

3+ Hour Audiobook (available in chapter tracks or full length clip)

The author of the ebook has also recorded an audiobook version for real estate professionals who absorb information better by listening than reading. The audiobook has been broken out into tracks that cover each chapter individually, and there’s also a full-length version that is just over 3 hours long.

Ebook Companion Guide (most important takeaways from each chapter)

The book companion & checklist will help you navigate the most important takeaways from the ebook itself while taking notes to prepare and plan your real estate marketing.

6 Video Interviews with Real Estate Experts (4+ hours of awesome footage)

In over four hours of video footage, we talk to experts about everything from real estate copywriting to real estate video marketing. The interviews are with notable professionals in the real estate industry, such as Simon Bray, President of, and Riti Verma, Founder of Watch a sample clip from the interview with Simon below.

video internview real estate experts

50+ Customizable Canva Design Templates (3 different variations for any type of agent)

Over 50 Canva design templates for Realtors®. Using, our master designers have created various customizable templates for real estate agents, ranging from listing sheets, to printable brochures, to Instagram posts and stories. You won’t need any technical experience to customize these templates and use them in your real estate business. These designs speak to all types of real estate brands, and will make you look good – I mean really good! See an example below.

canva templates for realtors

Various Customizable Marketing Templates (including a 16-page brand guidelines template)

Also included in this package are customizable marketing templates that will help you plan and execute your real estate marketing strategy with ease, precision, and professionalism. You’ll find a variety of useful marketing templates, such as a Brand Guidelines document for real estate professionals. See the Brand Guidelines template in action in the video below!

Valuable Vouchers, Discounts & Deals for Agents (thousands of dollars in value alone!)

In addition to everything listed above, this bundle also includes unique vouchers and discounts that are worth thousands of dollars. These deals cover so much ground – from discounts on real estate branding, to printed collateral, to social media training, and much more! These vouchers and discounts alone make up for the cost of this product more than tenfold!

All of this for one low price of $99 (Canadian) makes Dojo – The Blueprint for Real Estate Marketing Mastery your new secret weapon.

“Dojo – The Blueprint for Real Estate Marketing Mastery offers a complete catalog of industry advice dedicated to helping real estate professionals build their best business. From branding tips to digital dominance, Sepy chaperons the reader on a comprehensive tour of the real estate industry. Whether a real estate professional beginning their career or an established agent dedicated to refreshing theirs, Dojo – The Blueprint for Real Estate Marketing Mastery is a tool capable of inspiring transformative results.”

Richard Robbins, Co-Founder & CEO – Richard Robbins International

As you can see, we’ve poured our heart and soul into creating an un-rivaled real estate marketing training package for North American agents. It’s no wonder real estate legends such as Richard Robbins have endorsed this product.

Heard enough? Dojo – The Blueprint for Real Estate Marketing Mastery can be yours within a minute of reading this.

➡️ Just go to and click to purchase!

The zip file containing everything will be sent to you immediately after your purchase is complete.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of this new RealtyNinja product. Have an awesome day!

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