Working from Home: The Home Office Desks of RealtyNinja (+ Remote Working Tips!)

Our team has been working from home for nearly a decade. Curious what a remote team's office looks like? Look no further.
real estate agents working from home

People are always curious what “working from home” looks like. So wanted to share some of our Ninjas’ home office setups with you.

I recently asked our team to share photos of their home office desk and to share a productivity tip that helps them be effective remote-workers. Here’s the response I received from our team (in the order I received them):

Sepy Bazzazi (me!) – Marketing Ninja

sepy home office

Sepy’s Work from Home (WFH) Tip:  Get comfortable, but also get up! I have a really comfortable chair that helps with my posture and allows me to sit for longer periods of time – but I also try to stand up and walk around at least once an hour. Get a coffee, get some water, walk the dog, change your shirt, stretch… whatever excuse you have to get up every so often!

Roxanne Dupuis – Design Ninja

roxanne home office

Roxanne’s Work from Home (WFH) Tip:  Take care of your eyes & brain! Get up at least once an hour for a quick stretch/walk/get some water. 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 mins, look at something 20ft away for 20 seconds. Use apps like the Pomodoro Timer to help!

Ramin Sabour – Co-Founder Ninja

ramin home office

Ramin’s Work from Home (WFH) Tip: When working with a remote team, don’t just try to mimic the office environment at home. Embrace the advantages of remote work. One of these is a mindset shift in which you approach work in an asynchronous way, as opposed to real-time. It’s really easy to constantly pull everyone into a conference room at the office, but the digital equivalent of all-hands video chats is not an improvement. Instead, take time to organize your message beforehand and relay that using some sort of online platform (we use Basecamp) which lets people review and respond on their own time. Interruption is the productivity killer in the office and at home. Remote work makes it possible to allow for large chunks of uninterrupted work.

Harold Duhalngon – Support Ninja

harold home office

Harold’s Work from Home (WFH) Tip: Kick-start your day with a hot or warm beverage. Have an overall view of your tasks for the day, then start working from the most urgent to the least urgent; the easiest to the more complex ones or tasks that require a longer time to complete.

Joselle Custodia – Support Ninja

joselle home office

Joselle’s Work from Home (WFH) Tip: Develop good eating, exercise and – the most important – sleeping habits! Having plenty of rest and nourishment will give your mind better focus to shoot down all your tasks. Set an intention on what you wish to accomplish at the start of your workday, keep a notepad to list them all, and then cross them down one by one. There’s something satisfying with seeing a full, productive day.

Rommel Bagtas – Design Ninja

rommel home office

Rommel’s Work from Home (WFH) Tip: Coffee and sun in the morning :) short tip, that’s it.

Jesse Estrada – Design & Support Ninja

jesse home office

Jesse’s Work from Home (WFH) Tip: Make your home workplace your HAPPY place! Contrary to what most of us were used to prior to working from home, we now have the ability to design our own workstation. Set it up as it pleases you. Get all the tools, gadgets, and even appliances that you think would make you very comfortable and productive. You are the master of your own office. CAPITALIZE on it! This will make you excited to work every day in the comfort of your own home.

Casimir Loeber – Co-Founder Ninja

casimir home office

Casimir’s Work from Home (WFH) Tip: Having worked 100% remotely for more than 10 years, one of the most important habits I have developed is taking the time every morning before work to fully clean and organize your workspace. A cluttered desk or even a pile of laundry in your peripheral will subconsciously clutter your mind. This also applies to your digital desktop. Another tip that is just as important, especially if you work in a less than silent environment is to find some music that eases your mind and allows you to slip into the oh-so coveted flow state. What works best for me is minimalist electronic music that does not have too many complex lyrics. Lucky for you, I maintain a Spotify playlist called FlowZone that is tailor-made for this exact purpose!

Jan Kilayco – Support Ninja

jan home office

Jan’s Work from Home (WFH) Tip: Invest in a very good ergonomic chair since you’ll be sitting most of the time. Select chairs provide adequate back support and also have cushions.

Gabriel Andrade – Developer Ninja

gabriel home office

Gabriel’s Work from Home (WFH) Tip: Have a good night of sleep. It helps you get focused during the workday. Your thinking will be sharper and faster. Less sleeping leads to (at least to me) headaches and impatience all day long…

Some additional WFH tips from our team:

  • Purchase comfortable and functional office furniture. It doesn’t have to be the top of the line but the point is that you will be working in this space every day.
  • Exercise & stretch regularly. It naturally boosts endorphins, which increases happiness, enjoyment, and interest levels, all of which are important for productivity.
  • When you wake up always start your day with something that makes you happy. Get a cup of your favorite coffee, kiss a loved one, play with your dog, read an inspirational quote, feed your goldfish.

Are you a real estate agent that has specific questions about working from home?

If there’s anything you need help with, keep in mind the RealtyNinja team has working remotely for years, and we’d love to assist you. Feel free to email us your questions: info -at-

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