Over a Pint Podcast with Sepy Bazzazi (on Real Estate Marketing)

In Late December, Sepy was a guest on the Over a Pint Podcast with Andrew Fogliato, founder of Just Sell Homes, talking about real estate marketing!
Sepy from RealtyNinja

Watch or listen to the real estate marketing Podcast Episode on YouTube below!

Topics covered in the episode:

  • What kinds of beer we’re drinking, and what beers to avoid (lol),
  • Introduction to Sepy & how he got into real estate marketing,
  • How Andrew got into public speaking,
  • Tips on how to become a public speaker in real estate,
  • Effect of COVID-19 on real estate marketing,
  • The differences between PPC marketing & websites for real estate,
  • CRM software for real estate agents,
  • Sticking with your core competencies in business,
  • RealtyNinja’s presence and coverage across Canada,
  • Our new real estate marketing product, Dojo – The Blueprint for Real Estate Marketing Mastery,
  • Different types of real estate content models (private Facebook groups, email lists, etc.),
  • Content marketing fraud protection,
  • Pay-Per-Click marketing tips & tricks for real estate agents,
  • Credibility building with Facebook ads,
  • Targeting ads to specific individuals with small budgets,
  • Having fun with your ads and real estate marketing in your niche,
  • Pairing in-person marketing with online ads,

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