Watch or listen to the real estate marketing Podcast Episode on YouTube below!

Topics covered in the episode:

  • What kinds of beer we’re drinking, and what beers to avoid (lol),
  • Introduction to Sepy & how he got into real estate marketing,
  • How Andrew got into public speaking,
  • Tips on how to become a public speaker in real estate,
  • Effect of COVID-19 on real estate marketing,
  • The differences between PPC marketing & websites for real estate,
  • CRM software for real estate agents,
  • Sticking with your core competencies in business,
  • RealtyNinja’s presence and coverage across Canada,
  • Our new real estate marketing product, Dojo – The Blueprint for Real Estate Marketing Mastery,
  • Different types of real estate content models (private Facebook groups, email lists, etc.),
  • Content marketing fraud protection,
  • Pay-Per-Click marketing tips & tricks for real estate agents,
  • Credibility building with Facebook ads,
  • Targeting ads to specific individuals with small budgets,
  • Having fun with your ads and real estate marketing in your niche,
  • Pairing in-person marketing with online ads,