Sepy Bazzazi
  • 2018 in Review & a Look Ahead to 2019 It’s that magical time of year again! A time when days are shorter, everything moves a bit slower, loved ones bundle together for warmth, we eat and drink more than we should, and we contemplate another year that’s passed. During this time, us Ninjas tend to look both backwards and forward simultaneously. We love reflecting on how we’ve grown and everything […] 13 min read December 14, 2018
  • 20 Questions with a REALTOR®, Feat. The Sea to Sky Dream Team The latest edition of 20 Questions is a dream come true… Meet the team of real estate marketing Ninjas behind The Sea to Sky Dream Team. Recognizing each others’ individual strengths in the real estate business, Dana, Madison, Kristen & their marketing Coordinator, Robin decided to join forces this year to create a powerhouse team of agents serving the […] 17 min read November 5, 2018
  • Am I Using the REALTOR® & MLS® Trademarks Correctly? In 1266 King Henry III passed the first trademark legislation, which was designed to distinguish the bread of one baker from another. This legislation meant that a baker’s ‘trade-mark’ was imprinted on their bread, which protected the public from being tricked into buying a sub-par product, and protected the business from pirate bakers. It also protected the business from unfair competitive practices. If you were […] 3 min read October 24, 2018
  • Dojo Recap: The Most Important Lessons for Real Estate Agents Over three years ago, we rebranded the RealtyNinja blog and called it “The Dojo” – since then, we’ve been publishing articles almost every single week. A “Dojo” is a room or space where martial arts is studied and practiced. We thought it was a fitting title, since we are Ninjas and since the objective of our […] 4 min read October 11, 2018
  • Freebie: Door Hangers that REALTORS® Can Customize & Print KNOCK KNOCK! Who’s There? Free-do! Free-do, who? Free-door hangers for you! Yes I know…. that was a TERRIBLE knock knock joke, but I thought it was fitting considering today’s Dojo Freebie Download! Do you ever go out door knocking and it feels like everyone is out of town (or ignoring you?) If you don’t get the chance to […] 2 min read September 26, 2018
  • Product Updates: Rentals, CRM Integration, New Widget & More! At the start of the year, we released Katana into the wild. As of January 2018, anybody who signs up for a new website by RealtyNinja is in effect signing up for a Katana website. The results of this initiative have been extremely positive and super inspiring! We didn’t take any breaks after launching Katana […] 8 min read September 20, 2018