101 Valuable Apps, Software & Marketing Tools that REALTORS® Love

101 Marketing Tools for Real Estate Agents

Ready for a list of powerful online tools that will help REALTORS® become more effective, more modern marketers?

If you’re looking for over 100 awesome software, apps, widgets and tools that will help enhance your real estate business: you’ve found them.

To be a modern real estate marketer in 2016 is to actively utilize a number of tools to measure and track the effectiveness of your campaigns. The tools in this list will help you to both create & optimize said campaigns (and your overall marketing processes), but will also help you analyze campaign results so that you can make iterative improvements over time.


There is something in this list for every level of real estate marketer, and every type of interest. From apps that can scan documents into PDFs using the camera on your phone -to- professional real estate CRM platforms – we cover a lot.

“If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants” -Sir Isaac Newton

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Ninja Tip: Click the item (next to the number) to go to the website and desktop client for that item. If it has a mobile app, you can find links to download it at the end of the item description. 


PS. Check out this article from our friends at Follow Up Boss for many more real estate marketing examples + templates to help you win 2020!

Content & Design

Tools that REALTORS® can leverage to discover, create, modify, and share awesome online content – namely photos, videos and graphic design. Click the titles to visit the website and desktop client for that tool, or use the links at the end of each sentence to download that app on your mobile device. (NOTE: Some tools do not have mobile apps)

1. Canva
Amazingly simple graphic design software for desktop or mobile. Create awesome visuals from scratch for your real estate business in as little as a few minutes. Download for iOS.

2. Snapseed
Powerful and precise photo editing software in the palm of your hands. Sharpen up your listing and community photos before sharing on social media. Download for iOS or Android.

3. Hyperlapse
Create awesome timelapse videos with this official Instagram app. Download for iOS.

4. Boomerang
Take a burst of photos and stitch them together into a high-quality mini video that plays forwards and backwards. Download for iOS or Android.

5. Layout
Combine multiple photos into a single image using different frames. Great for showcasing a few listing photos at once. Download for iOS or Android.

6. Photoshop Express
Touch your way to stunning pictures with automatic fixes and filters. Make your pictures pop with limited effort. From Adobe, the graphic design pros. Download for iOSAndroid or Windows.

7. Piktochart
Express your real estate statistics visually with this easy-to-use infographic maker. No design experience required. Download for iOS.

8. 99designs
Find and work with one of 1.27 million talented freelance designers online. Perfect for REALTORS® designing on a budget, since you get to set your own price.

9. Feedly
The content you desire, delivered directly to you in an organized way. Great for curating real estate content to re-share on Twitter. Download for iOS or Android.

10. CoSchedule
Use this powerful and dynamic marketing calendar to plan, publish, promote and execute your real estate marketing strategy with precision.

11. Unsplash
Free-to-use high resolution photos. These can be used on your real estate website, on your marketing channels and more. Not real estate specific.

12. Pexels
More free-to-use high resolution photos.

13. Pixlr Editor
Robust browser photo editor, for all your editing needs. Have full control over your images, including layers and effects. Kind of like a light version of Photoshop that runs entirely in your browser.

14. PicMonkey
Photo editor that powers up your pics with a few clicks or taps of your finger. Everything you need to edit photos like a “ninja beast on the go”… Download for iOS or Android.

15. Afterlight
Awesome filters, textures and frames for your photos. Download for iOSAndroid or Windows.

16. Wordswag
Add stylized text to your photos in seconds. Try adding a price tag on one of your listing photos using this app. Download for iOS or Android.

17. Quick
An even more simple way to add text to your photos (listing or otherwise). Download for iOS or Android.

18. Giphy
The animated GIF search engine. Find whatever animated GIF you are looking for, and then some. Makes for a great tweet attachment to convey emotion. Download for iOS.

19. Infogr.am
Easy charts and infographics. Create beautiful visualizations of your real estate data that are interactive, responsive and engaging. Great for external and internal presentation.

20. Pic Stitch
Quickly combine multiple photos into one beautifully framed picture. Similar to Layout (#5). Download for iOS.

21. Magisto
Awesome movie making app! Magisto selects the best parts of your videos and photos, adds your chosen music, themes, and effects, and splices them into beautiful little movies. Create your own virtual tours! Download for iOS or Android.

22. Quik
Create beautiful videos with just a few taps. Editing has never been as fast as with this awesome app from GoPro. Download for iOS or Android.

23. Splice
The performance of a desktop video editing software, optimized for your mobile device. If you’re creating more serious and professional real estate videos on your mobile device, try Splice. Download for iOS.

24. Videorama
Easily create stunning movies on your iPhone & iPad. Include VFX, music, text, and more. Download for iOS.

25. Powtoon
Create awesome animated videos and presentations. An awesome way to create real estate resources for your website visitors – imagine an animated buyer/seller’s guide video!

26. Prisma
Turn every photo into art using the styles of famous artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso and Levitan. Download for iOS or Android.

27. Spark Camera
Editor’s choice app that allows you to capture, edit and share beautiful videos in a simple, clean way. Slow motion and timelapse support coming soon. Download for iOS.

28. 360 Panorama
Create 360 degree panorama photos that you can view as photos or experience in immersive 360 view. Need a quick-and-dirty virtual tour? Start here. Download for iOS / Blackberry.

29. Camera+
Helps you use your iPhone to shoot the best photos you possibly can. Packs several handy features that the standard camera app does not include. If you’re going to take your own listing photos, do it with Camera+. Download for iOS.

BONUS! Reader Recommendation: Design Wizard
Design Wizard is excellent software that allows you to create personalized graphics in seconds. One of its most unique features is the magic resize button, which allows you to change the size of the template while you are personalizing.

BONUS! Reader Recommendation: Animatron
Create awesome, professional looking animations with no technical experience. Create explainer videos and engage visitors of your real estate website with top quality content. Thanks to Olga Bedrina for the recommendation.


Tools that REALTORS® can use to manage email mailing lists, earn subscribers and send email campaigns to those subscribers on a regular basis. Click the titles to visit the website and desktop client for that tool, or use the links at the end of each sentence to download that app on your mobile device.

30. Mailchimp
Powerful, trusted email marketing software, free for starters! We use it and actively recommend it to all of our real estate agent clients who need an email marketing solution. Download for iOS.

31. Constant Contact
Another powerful email marketing solution, free for the first month. Email marketing is an essential way to stay in touch with your real estate prospects, make the most of it Constant Contact. Download for iOS or Android.

BONUS! Reader Recommendation: Hiver
Turn your gmail inbox into a helpdesk, allowing you to share emails with different users@yourwebsite.com using tags, notes and more. Create shared email templates that your entire real estate team can access from their own gmail. Thanks to Niraj for the recommendation.


Tools to help REALTORS® create an awesome real estate website and optimize it to maximize lead generation. Click the titles to visit the website and desktop client for that tool, or use the links at the end of each sentence to download that app on your mobile device. (NOTE: Only 1 website tool listed below includes a mobile app)

32. RealtyNinja
Awesome websites for busy real estate agents. Fill out a couple forms and Ninjas will setup your real estate website in days – or feel free to set it up yourself (no IT experience required.) Our awesome support team is ready to help REALTORS® get their new sites launched, or to help migrate their old sites to RealtyNinja.

33. Unbounce
Build, publish and test landing pages without IT experience. Create a landing page for each of your major listings with big bold call to action buttons that drive leads.

34. Olark
Install on your website to communicate directly with visitors via live chat widget. Next time a potential client has a question about your listing, answer it for them while they are still on your real estate website.

35. Wufoo
Easily build and share online forms to collect as little or as much information from your leads as you need. Forms can be embedded on your website pages.

36. Optinmonster
Convert website visitors into mailing subscribers of your mailing list using visually striking lead capture forms and popups. Can be added to your real estate website.

37. Genworth Calculator Widgets
Affordability calculator, premium calculator and mortgage payment calculator widgets for your website. Great resources for visitors.

38. RateHub Mortgage Calculator Widget
Canada mortgage calculator widget with customizable fields. Another great one to embed on your website.

39. SumoMe
Suite of various marketing tools to grow your website’s traffic.

40. Tawk.to
Free messaging app that lets you monitor and chat with visitors who are on your website or from a free customizable page. Download for iOS or Android.

41. Zopim
Another awesome tool that enables you to talk to visitors on your real estate website in real time. This one is made by the popular software, Zendesk.

42. Bing Webmaster Tools
Get insights into your website and earn more visitors.

43. Google Search Console
Get the data, tools, and diagnostics needed to create and maintain Google-friendly real estate websites.


These tools help REALTORS® creatively reach mobile users on-the-go with SMS and mobile marketing solutions. Click the titles to visit the website and desktop client for that tool.

44. Ez Texting
Powerful, affordable SMS marketing solution for REALTORS®, developers and property managers.

45. TxT2LooK.com
Allows anyone to access instant information by entering 2 short codes into their phone when they see a sign displaying a property or item for sale, rent, etc.

46. SMART Lead Capture
Mobile lead capture for real estate professionals. Real estate SMS marketing made simple.


Tools that REALTORS® can employ to optimize their business and marketing systems and processes. Click the titles to visit the website and desktop client for that tool, or use the links at the end of each sentence to download that app on your mobile device. (NOTE: Some tools do not have mobile apps)

47. Evernote
Remember everything. Simplify and manage your modern life with this marketer’s multi-tool. Download for iOS or Android.

48. Scannable
Captures the paper in your life quickly and beautifully, transforming it into high-quality scans ready to save or share. Scan contracts, invoices and anything in between. Download for iOS.

49. Nimbus : Capture high quality screenshots of webpages and add arrows, annotations and more. Great for creating “how-to” content.

Recipes on IFTTT are the easy way to automate your world. Connect the apps and devices you love with “if this, then that” statements. Download for iOS or Android.

51. Bitly
Powerful link shortening and link branding service. Allows you to track and measure the effectiveness of links you’ve shared anywhere online in your personal dashboard. Download for iOS or Android.

52. Trello
Project management and collaboration tool – great for brokerages. Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way. Download for iOS or Android.

53. Genius Scan
Genius Scan has helped people digitize more than 200 million documents. Snap a picture of your client’s contracts, export by email and the signed documents arrive at your office. Download for iOS or Android.

54. Genius Fax
Send a fax with your smartphone! Throw out the fax machine and cancel the line. Download for iOS or Android.

BONUS! Reader Recommendation: Xtensio
The Xtensio platform is a collaborative workspace where real estate teams can easily create and share beautiful living documents altogether. With this tool, you can create case studies, marketing plans, landing pages, and much more.

BONUS! Reader Recommendation: Notion
Collaborate on and offline with your real estate team using this simple yet powerful team organization and project management tool. Thanks to Olga Bedrina for the recommendation.

Social Media

Tools that REALTORS® can add to their business that will not only enable them to access thousands of prospects, they will simplify the process too. Click the titles to visit the website and desktop client for that tool, or use the links at the end of each sentence to download that app on your mobile device. (NOTE: Some tools do not have mobile apps)

55. Buffer
Social media management and scheduling for marketers. A better way to share on social media. Pre-schedule all of your listing tweets for the next month! Download for iOS or Android.

56. Hootsuite
Complete and ultimate social media account management dashboard tool. Scheduling, analytics, collaboration… all the bells and whistles. Good for individuals and teams of REALTORS®. Download for iOS or Android.

57. Sprout Social
Social media management, social customer service and social media marketing tool for small business and agencies. Alternate option to Hootsuite. Download for iOS or Android.

58. Tweetdeck
Consider it a free and light version of one of the above two options. Download for iOS.

59. Edgar
Sort your social media updates into categories and published on a schedule that you choose. Edgar publishes what you want, when you want it, and over-and-over again! Sort your blog posts, photos and and listings into custom categories and let Edgar do the rest.

360,000 member social media network exclusively for real estate professionals. Download for iOS or Android.

61. Instagram
Online mobile photo and video sharing social network. Over 400 million users. Reach your community with awesome visuals and dialogue. Download for iOS or Android.

62. Facebook Pages
A public profile specifically created for businesses, brands, celebrities, causes, and other organizations on Facebook. Unlike personal profiles, pages do not gain “friends,” but “fans” – which are people who choose to “like” a page (opt-in). Essential for real estate agents. Download for iOS or Android.

63. Pinterest
Visually share and discover new interests by posting (aka ‘pinning’) images or videos to their own or others’ boards. Great environment to showcase awesome listing photos, and gain inspiration for real estate blog posts. Download for iOS or Android.

64. Vine
Short-form video sharing service and social network where users can share and host six-second-long looping video clips. Download for iOSAndroid or Windows.

65. YouTube
The global video-sharing website/video search engine owned by Google, with over 4 billion video views per day. Start a YouTube channel for your real estate business and start publishing videos today. Download for iOS or Android.

66. Vimeo
Video-sharing website in which users can upload, share and view videos. It gained popularity as the first video-sharing service to support HD video. Download for iOS or Android.

67. Twitter
Read and send 140-characters public messages (aka “tweets”) on this online micro-blogging social network with 313 active monthly users. Lots of real estate conversations happening – join the dialogue. Download for iOS or Android.

68. Snapchat
Mobile messaging app used to share photos & videos with added text and filters (or often with augmented reality “lenses“) that last up to 10 seconds each. Download for iOS or Android.

69. LinkedIn
Strengthen and extend your business and network using the official social media channel for professionals. Optimize your REALTOR® profile and start asking for professional recommendations from your LinkedIn connections! Download for iOS or Android.

70. Yelp
Read and publish reviews about local businesses, including REALTORS®. Yelp influences consumer behaviour in a real way. Download for iOS or Android.

71. Blog Post Headline Analyzer
Score your overall real estate blog article headline quality and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value.

72. Craigslist
Online classified ads… pretty sure everyone knows what Craigslist is.

73. Cityblast
Automated social media marketing and lead generation services for Canadian real estate agents (based on Toronto.)


REALTORS® can leverage the following tools to measure, track and analyze information and trends regarding their website visitor traffic. Click the titles to visit the website and desktop client for that tool, or use the links at the end of each sentence to download that app on your mobile device. (NOTE: Some tools do not have mobile apps)

74. Google Analytics
The most widely used (free) website analytics service, created by Google to track and report on your web traffic. Download for iOS or Android.

75. Hotjar
New and easy way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors – includes heatmaps and free for up to 2,000 pageviews a day.

76. Dasheroo
Custom dashboard software. Collect and review your professional performance metrics from all your favorite applications on one beautiful, free dashboard. Download for iOS or Android.

77. Crazy Egg
Find out how users click and scroll through your real estate website. It’s like a pair of x-ray glasses that lets you see exactly what people are doing on your site.

78. Buzzsumo
Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor. Find the key influencers to promote your content.

79. Pingdom Site Speed Test
Enter a URL from your real estate website (start with the home page) to test the load time of that page, analyze it and find bottlenecks.

Data & Statistics

Some tools that can help REALTORS® discover trends and scientific data that affects the way they market their business. Click the titles to visit the website and desktop client for that tool, or use the links at the end of each sentence to download that app on your mobile device. (NOTE: Some tools do not have mobile apps)

80. AdWords Keyword Planner Tool
Search for keyword and ad group ideas, get search figures, check historical statistics, see how a list of keywords might perform, and more..

81. Google Trends
Find out what searches are trending on Google currently across various categories and topics, in your market and beyond.

82. SnapStats
Smart Canadian real estate statistics that makes complex real estate data look simple, and brands it with your name and contact info.

83. SurveyMonkey
Create online hosted surveys for market research with ease. Send your past customers a satisfaction survey and learn how you can improve your real estate business. Download for iOS or Android.

CRM Software

Customer relationship management software built specifically for REALTORS® in most cases. Marketing, automation and lead management services from the best of them. Click the titles to visit the website and desktop client for that tool, or use the links at the end of each sentence to download that app on your mobile device. (NOTE: Some tools do not have mobile apps)

84. TopProducer
North America’s leading provider of marketing and lead generation systems for real estate professionals, offering a full range of leading-edge, integrated contact management, lead generation, lead incubation, postcard marketing and web marketing solutions.

85. Propertybase
Recognized as the leading customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing solution for real estate companies around the globe. It’s built on Force.com, the SaaS platform from Salesforce.

86. Follow Up Boss
Never lose another real estate lead with this lead management tool. Respond faster, do more follow up, set more appointments, close more deals. Download for iOS or Android.

87. Insightly
Low cost, flexible, simple to use yet powerful CRM system for small business. Over 800,000 users in 100 countries rely on Insightly every single day.

88. Wise Agent
Affordable marketing automation and CRM software built for real estate agents, equipped with plenty of features and tools built in.


Tools to help REALTORS® optimize their real estate listings and listing marketing systems for their clients. Click the titles to visit the website and desktop client for that tool, or use the links at the end of each sentence to download that app on your mobile device. (NOTE: Some tools do not have mobile apps)

89. Locometric
The app that draws floor plans by itself. Simply hold your phone against each wall in a room, and voila! A floor plan appears for that room, complete with measurements. Download for iOS.

90. Matterport
Create fully immersive virtual spaces out of your real estate listings. Interactive tours that look and feel so real, it’s like being there.

91. Tourly VR
Take photos of a property and host the virtual tour on this app. Use a Samsung smartphone and the newest consumer Virtual Reality headset by Samsung to view the fully-immersive virtual reality tour. Download for iOS or Android.

92. Open Home Pro
Collect and convert more leads with this digital open house sign-in form. Visitors check in, and the app automatically follows up with them for you once your open house is over. Download for iOS or Android.

93. Listings+
All-in-one listing management agent dashboard, built specifically for real estate agents. Acts like a CRM with primary focus on your listings. Download for iOS.


Use these REALTOR® tools to create online advertising campaigns that can reach hundreds of thousands of people. Click the titles to visit the website and desktop client for that tool, or use the links at the end of each sentence to download that app on your mobile device. (NOTE: Some tools do not have mobile apps)

94. Facebook Ads
Reach your target audience with a variety of different types of PPC ad campaigns. Connect your real estate business with the right people through awesome targeting based on demographics and behaviour. Download for iOS or Android.

95. YouTube Ads
Start advertising on YouTube with either banner ads that float on videos, or video ads that appear before the content a user wants to watch. Pay per watch!

96. Twitter Ads
Connect with your target audience while they are on twitter with targeted sponsored tweets and ads focused on your realty business objectives.

97. Google AdWords
Get your REALTOR® ad on Google today and be seen by customers right as they’re searching for real estate services or content. Only pay when they click your ad! Download for iOS or Android.

98. Bing Ads
Similar to Google AdWords, another PPC ad network to help your real estate business connect with potential customers. Download for iOS or Android.

99. AdRoll
The retargeting and prospecting platform of choice for over 25,000 advertisers worldwide. Conveniently place ads, monitor performance, and fine-tune your real estate remarketing campaigns with an easy-to-use platform.

100. Outbrain
Have your real estate blog articles recommended on the web’s largest and most respected media properties, including CNN, People and ESPN.

101. Google Remarketing
Use remarketing lists in your Google AdWords account to show specific ads to people who have visited your real estate website before.

I hope you enjoy the list and would love to know what you think of these tools in the comments. If you feel that anything should be added or removed, please don’t hesitate to let me know

Until next time, Ninjas. [-_-]~~

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