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Elevate your next open house

Elevate Your Next Open House Using Sight, Smell, Sound, Taste & Touch

Transform your next open house or property showing into a sensory experience for your visitors by employing the help of the five human senses… sight, smell, sound,

roxanne design ninja realtyninja

How REALTORS® Can Make Effective Call to Actions

A post by Design Ninja, Roxanne, on creating powerful CTAs on your real estate website – PLUS a nifty free download for agents

fishing for real estate SEO

The Ultimate SEO Guide for REALTORS®

You wouldn’t go fishing with the wrong bait, don’t go after website traffic with wrong tactics. Learn about the Top Five Technique and much more in our ultimate, 8 Chapter guide.

Real Estate Listings are a Swiss Army Knife

7 Ways to Turn Listing Photos Into Awesome Content

Listing photos are the Swiss Army Knife of real estate marketing. Generally speaking, every REALTOR® reading this gets photos taken of the property they are

Real Estate Email Drip Marketing Campaigns That Work

3 Real Estate Email Marketing Drip Campaigns That Work

Paint your email marketing masterpiece with a little creative inspiration from the Ninjas.

Download This Free Tool and Write Compelling Listing Descriptions that Sell with AIDA

Freebie: Write Listing Descriptions That SELL With This AIDA Template (Bonus: Free AI Listing Description Generator)

Convert more visitors to leads by using this Ninja tool whenever you write real estate listing descriptions

The Step-by-Step Guide To Improving Your Real Estate Listing's Google Rank

The Step-by-Step Guide To Improving Your Real Estate Listings Google Rank

If you ever need to hide a body, the 2nd page of Google search results is a great place to put it. Did you know that

Why a Launched REALTOR® Website Is Better Than a Perfect One

Why a Launched REALTOR® Website Is Better Than a Perfect One

If your real estate website is “Under Construction” or non-existent, this Dojo article is dedicated to you. Being a bit of a Gary Vaynerchuk fan,

20 Questions WIth Calgary Realtor, Ross Aitken

20 Questions with a REALTOR®, Feat. Ross Aitken

This edition of 20 Questions is coming to you from a veteran Calgary real estate expert. Introducing, Ross Aitken. Our good friend and fellow-Ninja, Ross, is