#SenseiSays: Autoblogging your listings does not make you a blogger

Audio Transcription:
“Autoblogging your listings and open-houses does not make you a blogger, and will provide almost no benefit unless it is combined with providing real, insightful content on a regular basis. No one really cares about a new listing. What they care about is you providing value, demonstrating that you are a master of your craft, and proving to them that you are the REALTOR® they need.”

Additional Notes:
Autoblogging drowns out real blog posts that you’ve put effort into writing, so your blog will have 300 entries and only 20 real ones that are scattered throughout your blog pages.

Sensei Says, starring our very own Casimir on the microphone, will bring you expert tips about Real Estate marketing in the form of brief soundbites. Hear more Sensei Says soundbites by searching the ‘Sensei Says’ tag in The Dojo.

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