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The Modern REALTOR® Marketing Survival Guide Part 2

Free Ebook Part 2: The Modern REALTOR® Marketing Survival Guide

In August we released Part 1 of the free modern marketing ebook we created for REALTORS® — Today you can download Part 2! Let me start off by saying

19 ways to promote your real estate website

19 Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Website

How to convert more of your prospects into website visitors

Your real estate blog is not dead, it's sleeping

Your Real Estate Blog Isn’t Dead, It’s Sleeping

If you’re one of our esteemed Dojo readers, you may be wondering why we haven’t published anything here for the past couple weeks. The truth is…

How to Write a Real Estate Blog Post in 20 Minutes

How To Write a Real Estate Blog Post in 25 Minutes

Have you ever resolved to be a more active real estate blogger, only to realize that it’s actually a bigger undertaking than you anticipated? Do you have the

Hashtags are Buckets

Real Estate Marketing Hashtags – the Ninja Way

The what, why, where and how. #whenever

10 REALTOR Resolutions for 2016

10 Professional REALTOR® Resolutions for 2016

If you’re a REALTOR® or an entrepreneur in general, there are times when you tend to sacrifice ‘personal’ for ‘business’. This makes sticking to new years resolutions tough!

5 Blog Ideas to Inspire the Modern Real Estate Agent

We’ve alluded time and time again to the importance of blogging in the world of modern real estate marketing. When clients are selecting a real

#SenseiSays: Autoblogging your listings does not make you a blogger

Audio Transcription:“Autoblogging your listings and open-houses does not make you a blogger, and will provide almost no benefit unless it is combined with providing real,

Blogging on your RealtyNinja site

Blogging has become an integral part of any entrepreneur’s arsenal, and that fact rings extremely true with real estate entrepreneurs. Agents, brokers, commercial, residential… all