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Catherine Aird & Heather Clifford - Keep it Simple Social Media

10 Awesome Social Media Marketing Tips for REALTORS® (With Videos!)

Did you know that the average person spends over TWO HOURS on social media every day? With 2.2 billion active users on Facebook and 500

Make your real estate website as nice as this car

Your REALTOR® Website is Not Broken

Practically every REALTOR® that I’ve ever known has driven a fancy car. They roll up to open houses looking fresh and proudly park their beautiful ride right

#SenseiSays: Focus on what you do best

Audio Transcription:“Sensei Says focus on what you do best and stand on the shoulders of giants. If you’re not a technology person, why go through

5 Blog Ideas to Inspire the Modern Real Estate Agent

We’ve alluded time and time again to the importance of blogging in the world of modern real estate marketing. When clients are selecting a real

#SenseiSays: Content Creation is King

Audio Transcription:“Sensei says, content creation is king. Focusing on creating quality content on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do

#SenseiSays: Autoblogging your listings does not make you a blogger

Audio Transcription:“Autoblogging your listings and open-houses does not make you a blogger, and will provide almost no benefit unless it is combined with providing real,

#SenseiSays: Provide Value & Insight for your Clients

Audio Transcription:“Provide value and insight. Don’t just regurgitate facts and exhausted maxims. Give your clients a reason to choose you and play the role they

#SenseiSays: Have the proper file formats for your branding materials (Raster vs. Vector)

Audio Transcription:“Sensei Says, It’s important to have the proper file formats for your branding materials so that they look crisp and clear when printed and