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SSL Secured Websites for Real Estate Agents

Is Your Real Estate Website SSL Secure? What REALTORS® Need to Know About HTTPS

The internet is evolving yet again – is your real estate website primed for the latest SSL/HTTPS Security update? IMPORTANT PSA: Sometime in July 2018, Google

Chatbots for Real Estate – The Only Guide REALTORS® Need

Which Chatbot or Live Chat App should you use and why? Our reviews of 14 chat tools for REALTOR® websites will help.

Landing Pages

Real Estate Landing Pages Are Easier Than Ever With Katana

Bet you didn’t know your Katana site could also create awesome real estate landing pages… Most of Katana’s superpowers are very clearly evident when looking

Real Estate Listings are a Swiss Army Knife

7 Ways to Turn Listing Photos Into Awesome Content

Listing photos are the Swiss Army Knife of real estate marketing. Generally speaking, every REALTOR® reading this gets photos taken of the property they are

Use Storytelling to Sell More Real Estate Online

The answer to an ongoing REALTOR® marketing struggle has been right under your nose for thousands of years. How do you make people engaged with your marketing copy

ICYMI: “Become a Marketing Ninja in 30 Minutes” Facebook Live Video

Have you ever been on LIVE video? I tried it for the first time ever yesterday… and it was awesome! Yesterday afternoon Ramin and I

Real Estate Email Drip Marketing Campaigns That Work

3 Real Estate Email Marketing Drip Campaigns That Work

Paint your email marketing masterpiece with a little creative inspiration from the Ninjas.

How REALTORS® Can Use Effective Communication To Sell A Listing

How REALTORS® Can Use Effective Communication To Sell Listings

Note from the Ninjas: Seeing as we’re a Canadian company, we wouldn’t normally publish a guest blog article written by a REALTOR® in the USA. Having

How Us Ninjas Became Video Marketers Overnight

I believe people should practice what they preach. Whether it’s regarding diet, love, business or simply moral code – it’s hard to take a person seriously if