Real Estate Landing Pages Are Easier Than Ever With Katana

Landing Pages

Bet you didn’t know your Katana site could also create awesome real estate landing pages…

Most of Katana’s superpowers are very clearly evident when looking at your new site, or when using it through the back-end.

Some of the powers are a little bit more sneaky than others though… today I’m going to show you one of these hidden strengths.

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PS. Don’t know what a landing page is? Don’t worry. I will explain below.
PPS. If you don’t know what Katana is, find out here.

Already know what Real Estate Landing Pages are and why you need them? Scroll down to near the end of this article for a how-to video.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is technically any page of your website that someone is LANDING on” through another hyperlink on the internet.

Typically, your primary “landing page” is your homepage. However your homepage usually has a lot of information on it, as well as an entire menu full of clickable links and pages to look at.

Real estate landing pages help you focus your marketing message by showing only specific info on the page. Landing pages also typically hide the main navigation, to limit distractions…

The average human has a 12 second attention span or something alarmingly short like that… thus, the less distractions the better.

Make it simple but significant

In other words, landing pages are single-page, online lead-capture tools that effectively convert web visitors into leads by offering streamlined information.

If you are a RealtyNinja customer, you could have dozens of them for no extra cost on your Katana website.

[-_-]~~~ Ninja Tip:
True real estate marketing Ninjas will A/B test multiple versions of each Landing Page until they find the highest converting combo of design and content!

Think of a real estate landing page as a brochure. When someone picks up your brochure, you hope they read all the way through it and then take some sort of action (IE. call you, go to your website, etc.)

“How do people find my landing page?”

Landing pages, much like brochures, are useless though unless they are being distributed to people. That’s why landing pages are generally paired with relevant online advertising campaigns.

These campaigns capture the attention of your prospects, and attempt to send those prospects to your landing page.

Your real estate landing pages then attempt to convert that traffic into LEADS.

Here’s a rough example:

  1. Emily the REALTOR® creates a landing page that showcases her testimonials, a few awards, her SOLD listings, and a contact form.
  2. She then creates a Facebook Advertisement that reads “See what I’ve been selling in your neighbourhood.” That ad links to her landing page.
  3. 20,000 people see the ad > 400 people click the ad > 15 people submit their info into the contact form.
  4. Emily reaches out to those 15 leads via email/phone, sets appointments, and converts 4 of those leads into customers.

Et voilà, a landing page that converted 3.75% of visitors into leads, and 1% of visitors into clients.

How much comission will your real estate landing pages produce for you this year?

If Emily had sent those same people to her homepage, they would have had to click around to find the SOLD listings. Instead, Emily’s landing page addressed a specific aspect of her business.

Here are some examples of OTHER real estate landing pages Emily might create:

  • Niche MLS® Search Landing Page: Showcase the listings of a certain area, or certain type.
  • REALTOR® Video Landing Page: Highlight yourself, your team or one of your agents via embedded video.
  • Home Value Landing Page: Offer to create a personalized home value package for anybody who submits email.
  • Downloadable Resource Landing Page: Trade email addresses for useful content (local guide, ebook, etc.)
  • All-In-One Marketing Landing Page: A page that will explain your unique selling proposition as an agent.
  • Open Houses Landing Page: Give your community an ongoing look at the upcoming open houses in their neighbourhood.
  • Buildings or Pre-Sale Development Landing Page: A page that features all the buildings and/or pre-sale developments in a specific area.
  • Custom Listing Group Landing Page: These pages would showcase a hand-picked grouping of awesome listings. For instance, “Water view properties in Vancouver” or “Modern architectural masterpieces in Toronto.”

Now that we’ve covered what landing pages are, as well as why REALTORS® would use them, let’s get into the how

How to Make An Awesome Landing Page with Katana

Turning any page on your Katana site into a landing page is so simple, it’s going to blow your mind..

In fact, follow along with our 3 minute tutorial video:

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