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“Inbound marketing attracts the attention of potential new clients by providing them with content that they value, explains expert Sepy Bazzazi”

This year I’ve had the great privilege of writing guest articles for, the digital embodiment of Real Estate Weekly newspaper, which has been the trusted source for real estate information for almost 40 years in the Lower Mainland.

My latest piece arms real estate agents with four great inbound marketing tactics that they can use to attract more visitors to their website, and ultimately more leads to their business. For those of you who don’t know, Inbound Marketing refers to activities that bring visitors in to your website by earning their attention with great content.

See below for an excerpt from the article, then click here or on the image below to dive into the piece in a new browser tab.

Four Great Inbound Marketing Tactics for Real Estate Agents


To paint a clear picture of inbound marketing vs. outbound or interruption marketing, here’s a very simple example.

Inbound marketing:

Imagine walking by a bakery and catching a mouth-watering whiff of cinnamon buns (your favourite pastry) coming from inside. You walk in, buy a cinnamon bun and have a look around while eating it. Turns out they have a few other goodies you love so you buy a few things. That bakery’s cost of acquiring you as a customer was practically nothing, as they were making cinnamon buns anyways.

Interruption marketing:

You’re watching sports on TV, when a commercial for a local bakery comes on. The ad tells you they carry cinnamon buns and other treats. The same ad runs every time this TV channel goes to commercial break. By the end of the game, you are aware of this bakery’s existence. But their cost of earning your awareness was somewhere in the $$$ or $$$$ area, and you’re not guaranteed to ever visit or buy from them.

Read the whole article here.

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