18 Real Estate Videos that Break the Mold

By modern REALTORS® who 'get' good video marketing
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Did you know that Canadians spend on average 2.5 hours per day watching videos online*? Why not aim to occupy a couple minutes of their day on your awesome real estate videos now and then?

We are consuming media at a rate that has never been imagined before. Currently, YouTube users watch over 1 billion hours of video each day.

If you’re thinking that none of those minutes spent watching online videos came from Canada or the real estate industry; that somehow REALTORS® simply don’t use online video marketing to acquire brand awareness or to generate leads, then it’s very important that you watch the 10 real estate videos in this article.

We’ve compiled a series of real estate videos that will each speak to you in their own way – they all have their own unique style and function. Don’t worry, these are not all listing videos, they are not all narrated moving images, and they are not boring. These are real estate videos created by creative, modern REALTORS® who understand the importance a good video marketing strategy can make for their clients and their business. I love the way each of these real estate videos speaks to each real estate agent or brokerage’s brand in particular. Whether intentional or not, both quality and style are reflected in (almost) each video.

A couple of these videos showcase very luxurious listings… we understand that if you’re listing a $22.8 Million property (see vid 8), you will have a larger marketing budget. However, the majority of these videos could apply to most homes, condos, and even very basic properties. And they didn’t all cost a ton of money to create – though if I had to guess, I’d say a couple of them definitely did. The point is, there’s a little bit of something for everyone. Find half an hour, plug your headphones in, and watch all 10 of these real estate videos in no particular order. Get inspired, scribble ideas, take notes, and plan your own perfect real estate marketing video. See where it goes from there. Enjoy.

1. 24 hour open house

Video bywww.michaelshomes.com

Number of Views: 7,140

  • Narrates videos of property and surrounding areas.
  • Includes drone footage.
  • Walks you through the entire property and house.
  • Answers most of your questions before you ask them. Very thorough.
  • Introduces REALTOR®, mentions HD video. Reminds you to subscribe to YouTube and newsletter.
  • Mentions tagline. Includes mini testimonial at the end.

2. Every Listing Has a Story

Video bywww.ryanserhant.com

Number of Views: 51,957

  • Introduces Characters.
  • Starts a story about “Something even better”.
  • Follows characters on a luxurious journey.
  • Showcases the experience through a story. Very powerful.

3. Get More Eyes on a Weak Listing

Video by: doslouie

Number of Views: 46,225

  • Pairs a basic confident listing description with the horrible reality,
  • Creates quite a funny and ironic scenario.
  • Generates anticipation for next visual and narration.
  • Makes the most of a worst case scenario.

4. How the Pros Do It.

Video by: www.ruhm.com

Number of Views: 26,534

  • Charms with clever, cheeky sarcasm.
  • Displays professional production skills, from writing to acting.
  • Engages viewers with smiles throughout.
  • Surpasses the category of a listing video.
  • Includes drone footage.
  • Romances the details and the style of the home. Very on-brand.
  • Explains surrounding areas in an experiential way.
  • Gives new homeowners a neat souvenir video of their new home to keep forever.
  • Drives massive value for your client.

5. Niche Lifestyle Trailer

Video bywww.theboutiquere.com

Number of Views: 3,966

  • Showcases the lifestyle of someone living in this home.
  • Refrains from any narration, only very fitting music and action. Highly engaging.
  • Depicts “A true Hollywood story”.
  • Shows surrounding areas in creative way.
  • Includes drone footage.
  • Speaks to a very specific niche. They know their audience.

6. Funny Viral Video

Video bywww.theharrisrealestategroup.com

Number of Views: 97,000

  • Acts as a comedic commercial for the brokerage.
  • Aligns brand with humour and positive contrast.
  • Brings attention to your YouTube channel and your business overall.

7. Interview with the Architect

Video bywww.jenniferegbert.com

Number of Views: 88 (video needs better marketing)

  • Gives viewer a much more artistic and fundamental understanding of the home.
  • Paints feeling and emotion in the home. The architect’s passion shines bright.
  • Delivers a fresh angle that no REALTOR® alone can replicate.
  • Creates a real connection to the property through mere digital glass.

8. Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

Video bywww.faithwilsongroup.com

Number of Views: 621,134

  • Speaks to the incredible listing price of the mansion.
  • Displays professional filming, narration and overall production.
  • Romances the experience with beautiful narration and professional staging.
  • Explains the inspirations behind the rooms and the feeling of being there.
  • Includes drone footage.

9. Make a Plain Listing Pop

Video by: www.reillylepage.com

Number of Views: 21,860

  • Shows pride in something mediocre. Noble.
  • Leads with honesty, wit, and humour.
  • Makes something average sound awesome.
  • Explains unit features in plain english terms. Keeps it simple.
  • Touches on amenities and fresh renovations using engaging and fluid transitions.
  • Speaks to his audience and uses English they are familiar with.
  • Shows quick recap of the listing before conclusion.

10. Awesome REALTOR Profile

Video by: Victoria Shtainer

Number of Views: 200

  • Introduces business, personality, and community all in style and in one place.
  • Exhibits professional production skills.
  • Includes some acting and B-roll, but also some real client testimonials.
  • Showcases beautiful neighbourhood with vibrant footage.
  • Employs different camera lenses, shooting styles, and even daytimes.
  • Gives some insight into herself, but also maintains focus on her business and brand.

More REALTOR Videos That Will Inspire You To Create!

Last week my friend told me about her aunt, a REALTOR® in Ottawa with a hilarious video on YouTube I had to check out…

I watched the video and fell immediately in love with it, and with her aunt, Felice Miranda. I literally had tears in my eyes; I was so proud of this woman who I didn’t even know. She had created an incredible REALTOR® marketing video, and even produced a song to go with it…

My favourite part of the whole thing: It wasn’t created by a team of professional videographers and didn’t cost her thousands of dollars.

I asked my friend to arrange a phone call so I could connect with Felice and get to know the person behind this awesome video. After speaking with Felice on Tuesday, I realized she made this video entirely with the help of her family, friends, and customers. No actors, no professional videography, no professional grip or lighting teams… and although she did pay someone at a local recording studio to record her song, Felice wrote the song herself!

Felice also mentioned that the video has earned her loads of local awareness and leads. After watching her video, I felt such a connection to Felice – I just wanted to connect with her even though I have no real estate needs. I shared the video with the rest of our team, and some comments from our team included:

  • “I would work with her.”
  • “I know this lady now… she’s my aunt.”
  • “Can we share this as an example of what to do?”
  • “You just know she makes a sick quiche.”

Once I hung up with Felice, I hit up YouTube and started searching for other Canadian real estate agents who were creating some solid videos to showcase their personality and business. The good news is, it wasn’t very hard to find these 8 videos, which feature agents from BC to Ontario. All across Canada, real estate agents are adopting video marketing and it’s paying off for them – well done, Ninjas.

Download PDF

Want to create your own awesome real estate videos at home? Download this Video Planning Checklist we made for REALTORS®

You don’t even know how happy it makes me to see the progress in real estate agent marketing. I want to contribute to that progress with today’s Dojo article. Rather than having you read a bunch of tips and tricks about video marketing, I thought I’d just show you a handful of awesome videos that are already working for professionals like you.

These videos aim to inspire you to get out there, borrow someone’s camera, and start shooting! Your listings are not your only source of video content – you are too. Be the star of your own brand and start attracting awareness and leads your way with some awesome content like the 8 REALTOR® YouTube videos below.

Visit Kelly’s RealtyNinja Website

Visit Kate’s RealtyNinja Website

Our goal at RealtyNinja, as always, is to inspire you to modernize your marketing and take advantage of digital tools to help your business move forward. When you’re Ninja, we’re Ninja.

We want to lead you fresh ideas and exciting possibilities for your brand that you otherwise might not have conceptualized, or thought were possible. We don’t mean that you try and copy these 10 examples exactly, only that you explore them as possibilities out there for your own business. Imagine if each of these were real estate videos you produced to market your business. Would they work for you? What would you change? Start making notes and then call up a few videographers to see what kinds of quotes you receive.

Before you know it, you could have converted a vision into 100,000+ views on YouTube, huge brand awareness, massive SEO benefits, and ultimately: more leads.

Until next time, Ninjas. [-_-]~~

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