Tomorrow’s Update Is Going To Hurt (Your Competition)

Google is making a major update tomorrow that will have a significant impact on every website’s mobile search ranking.

If you’re a RealtyNinja customer, you have nothing to worry about. The ninjas saw this update coming a long time ago and have already prepared your RealtyNinja website to make sure it’s mobile-friendly and passes Google’s mobile test.

Why is this important?


About 30% of all web traffic in Canada comes from people using smartphones and tablets and that number is growing exponentially. Some real estate sites already see 50% or more of their traffic from mobile devices and that will become the norm very soon. Can you imagine not letting in 50% of the people that show up to your open house? That’s just not an option.

What should you do?

If you’re already using RealtyNinja to power your website, you can just ignore this post (after checking out some new updates below) and be rest assured. If your website is not mobile-friendly and you can’t afford to lose your mobile search ranking, then you should get in touch and we can help.

More Recent Updates

Image & Speed Optimizations

The time it takes for your website to load effects your search ranking as well (not to mention your bounce rate). That’s why we’ve been working hard on the underlying architecture that powers our websites, to make sure they’re optimized to load quickly anywhere in Canada and no matter what device the user is on.

Updated Spam Filters

Lately spammers have been increasing their efforts and breaking industry-standard spam filters. We use a combination of a custom filter and Akismet to power our filters and fight spam. Make sure to forward us any spam leads you receive so we can continue to adapt our systems.

Other Updates

  • Our responsive website theme “Shinobi” now comes in over 30 dark variations
  • Google author and publisher tags automatically updated for Google+ users
  • VREB customers now have high-quality MLS® images
  • Our MLS® data system has been updated to work with all the new changes from CREB® and EREB
  • Lots of other tweaks and small bug fixes

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