AI Listing Description Generator

Announcing the AI Listing Description Generator, from RealtyNinja Labs — a new innovation lab within RealtyNinja.
AI Listing Description Generator

Today we are thrilled to announce RealtyNinja Labs, a brand new innovation lab within RealtyNinja that allows us to explore groundbreaking technology for Canadian Real Estate Agents.

“It’s a platform to share the results of our experiments in generative AI and how it can supercharge the modern real estate agent.”

RealtyNinja Co-Founders

The first tool from RealtyNinja Labs is our AI Listing Description Generator, and it allows you to generate high-quality listing descriptions in seconds using your voice or by typing a few basic details about the property. Play the demo video below to see how it works.

The tool is able to generate an unlimited number of high-quality listing descriptions from a few basic inputs.

If you don’t like what it produces you can simply edit the text, regenerate a brand new description, or adjust the tone with a few clicks.

This tool is now available to all RealtyNinja website customers. Here’s a simple guide on how to access RealtyNinja Labs if you’re an existing customer.

Access the Free AI Listing Description Generator without a RealtyNinja website

Simply visit and type in your email address on the form provided to get immediate access to the tool, without the need for a RealtyNinja website or Listings-Only (IDX) account.

RealtyNinja Labs Logo

RealtyNinja Labs aims to generate new ideas and incubate projects that align with our mission to empower all Canadian real estate agents with the best technology, regardless of their technical ability.

As a lightweight team led by RealtyNinja’s Co-Founders, Labs will focus on innovation beyond the company’s immediate roadmap and experiment with emerging trends in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and beyond.

Labs products will undergo an accelerated development process to provide customers with new and exciting tools quicker than normal. With this in mind, these tools will often be in beta stages of development when released and have a different level of polish than core RealtyNinja products. We plan to release early versions of products/tools and iterate on them frequently based on feedback and technological advancement.

What we are trying to say is that in our quest to provide you access to some of the hottest and fastest evolving technology out there.. we might break some things in the process. This is why the Labs exists, to give us a platform to be bold and not worry about perfection before releasing something.

Once a tool has proved it’s worth to customers we will explore ways to integrate it further into our core products with all the polish that entails.

The team is working hard on developing new tools, and updates will be shared in the near future! Stay tuned.

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