We Went Big for Design Month 2023: Discounts, New Semi-Custom, and a Limited Edition Design.

Our team brought new meaning to "Ninja" this year.
RealtyNinja Design Month 2023

Every year our design team gets excited to take the spotlight for a month, and 2023 is no exception. As the lead designer, I’ve watched the evolution of what’s become possible with the RealtyNinja platform, which has been truly incredible. I believe this year our team has reached the height of innovation with what we’ve brought to offer. I can’t wait to see these designs out in the wild, bringing success to real estate agents across the country! But enough of my bragging; Here’s the details you’ve been waiting for.

Semi-Customized Designs On Sale!

We are offering 20% off all our regular semi-customized designs, including KagomeMiro, and Kyne


This means that all our $699+tax designs are now $559.20+tax, and our $1099+tax designs are now $879.20+tax, for the month of September 2023.


Make sure to get your Design Request Forms in by the end of Oct 5th, 2023 to take advantage of this deal!

This year we are also releasing a NEW semi-customized designs at 50% off for Design Month. Let me introduce you to Kaizen!

New Semi-Customized Design: Kaizen

Visit realtyninjademo.com/kaizen for a live demo of Kaizen.

This design is modern, flexible, and high-end. It’s great for agents, teams, and property managers especially in competitive markets like Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto. Anyone interested in an affordable way to get an easily-editable, absolutely gorgeous design will love this one!

It comes packed with attention to every interactive detail and – dare I say it – might actually make updating your website fun! Tell the world about your unique business approach with Kaizen, this one will make people stop and listen.

Remember that if you love the way this design looks and feels, you’ll love it even more with your own brand and personality applied. We can’t wait to see how it adapts to your needs!

To order Kaizen, or any customization service simply login to your RealtyNinja website (yourwebsite.com/login) and click into the design customization page, or get in touch.

New: Limited Edition Design

Year after year, our team has crafted beautiful, personalized designs for hundreds of agents and teams across the country. Now we are offering an exclusive new service: Limited Edition Designs.

Our goal at RealtyNinja has always been to get amazing results through efficiency and understanding, and we think these new Limited Edition Designs are going to pass on that strength we’ve developed. These Designs are not a Customized Service: it’s essentially a website package that only a select number of people will be able to order. Our Customized Services could be described like a “face lift” for your website – our Limited Designs are a whole professionally done canvas, including content and other pages past the homepage.

We are kicking off this service with Nagi: a clean, efficient, and contemporary design focused on content and showcasing an agent or team’s unique business personality. While still centering the website around real estate, the design is nothing like any other real estate website we’ve seen. 

It will be perfect if you are someone trying to beat the ever-changing Internet standards, as it will let you focus on other channels that need your attention, like social media, since your website is basically built for you. It will highlight any blogs and articles that will showcase you as the best choice for potential clients, and set you apart from your competition.

Only 10 customers will get to have a Nagi website. We have aimed to make this an incredibly good value for an ultra-modern, but timeless result.

Interested? Find out more details about this service here! https://get.realtyninja.com/nagi

New Customization Examples


Of course, we haven’t stopped making beautiful websites outside of all these cool new things! Want to see what our Design Ninjas are capable of producing? Check out our customized website examples.

Design Month is very special to us, and we’d love to hear what you think! Please don’t hesitate to comment on our social media or send us an email, we’d really love to hear from you. Until next time!

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