#SenseiSays: Have the proper file formats for your branding materials (Raster vs. Vector)

Audio Transcription:
“Sensei Says, It’s important to have the proper file formats for your branding materials so that they look crisp and clear when printed and displayed on all screen sizes. Make sure you have copies in vector format, such as .EPS, .PSD, or .PDF. The file formats that you’re used to (.JPG, .PNG and .GIF) are called Rasterized files and are appropriate for photos and images on your website, but will not be sufficient for when you want to create new material based on your brand.”
(Note: .PSD files are not always vector format, but they have the capacity to be.)

Sensei Says, starring our very own Casimir on the microphone, will bring you expert tips about Real Estate marketing in the form of brief soundbites. Hear more Sensei Says soundbites by searching the ‘Sensei Says’ tag in The Dojo.

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