New Carousel Options, Improvements & Bug Fixes

New Carousel Options

Now you have more control than ever with the listings carousel on your homepage. We’ve added new options that allow you to:

  • Show or hide the carousel
  • Choose what you want the carousel to show: featured listings, sold listings or your office listings
  • Show the listings in a random order each time someone visits the page
  • Automatically swipe through the listings every few seconds

To play with these options, just login to your website, click Edit My Website > Manage Pages > Page Options Icon (beside Home) > Advanced Options > Carousel Options (at the bottom of the lightbox).

Contact us
if you want us to enable these features on your website for you.

Standalone Mortgage Calculator

We recently came across this super-useful and really well-made mortgage calculator from RateHub that you can embed onto your own website.

Check it out here on our sample site. It has all the bells and whistles like today’s rates, cash needed, monthly expenses, interest rate risk, an amortization schedule and more.

Here are step by step instructions on how to add it to your website. If you don’t want to do it yourself we’re more than happy to do it for you (for free of course). Just ask!

FREE Live Chat On Your Website

If you’ve been to our website recently you’ll notice that we have a live chat that lets us talk to people while they’re browsing our site.

It’s a great sales tool and it helps the user ask any questions anonymously without feeling like they’ve fully committed to using the services. It’s your chance to win them over with your charm and professionalism and it could just help you close your next sale.

There’s a free version from Zopim (for up to 2 concurrent chats and 1 agent). If you’re interested go here to sign up then get in touch with us and we can set it up on your website.

Photo Gallery On Your Website

If you want to have a photo gallery on your website, like this one, we’ve created a step by step guide.

More Tweaks & Bug Fixes

  • Full width content area now enabled by default on newly created pages, only shows when you edit the page or fill it with content
  • Added “Pinterest” icon to quick contact area and social networking settings
  • Quick contact now in HCard/VCard microformat (helps improve local SEO)
  • MLS Search results now sort by newest listings shown first by default
  • Added RSS icon to quick contact for websites that have the blog enabled
  • Posting a listing or blog entry to Facebook now shows a proper title, description and thumbnail
  • META title on blog entry’s automatically use the blog entry’s title. The first 170 characters of the description of the blog entry is used for the META description.
  • Changed title “Request Agent Contact” to “Request More Information” on listing pages form (at the bottom of the page)
  • Added automatic META keywords and descriptions for listings:
  • META Keywords: [property type], [area], [sub-area], listing, listings, mls, real estate, [address]
  • META Description uses the listing’s description
  • Fixed issue with creating lists and new lines in Firefox 12
  • Added new spoken languages to “Agents” backend form
  • Removed floors and units from main Buildings page table view (it would display 0 if not filled in)
  • Fixed issue with adding a link with a URL that contains special characters
  • Blocked ability to create pages called “static” or “manage” as they are reserved URL’s
  • Fixed an issue with hiding/showing newly created pages (flickering lightbulb icon)
  • Editing a sold listing now shows notification bar
  • Fixed encoding issues with forms submitted in different languages
  • Added the name of each page to the body class to allow for more design flexibility with CSS
  • Made letters that have agents bold in the front-end Agents page
  • Changed “Save Order” to “Save” in manage pages lightbox
  • Updated spam filter to be more intelligent and accurate
  • Set flag to prevent search engines from indexing websites under development
  • Implemented proper asset versioning on Mobile sites to prevent cached content issue when new updates are released
  • Updated robots.txt to block crawling of private URL’s, ajax URL’s, etc. From search engines to improve SEO
  • Alphabetized language dropdown in Agents pages
  • If a listing is inactive, don’t allow the user to show it even if they know the URL
  • Fixed price slider min-value issue on some websites

As always, its our goal to make sure you have the latest and greatest technology working for you. If it’s not going to help you generate new leads or save you time, what’s the point? That’s why every new feature we make is available to all our customers.

We’re hard at work creating more great new features and we can’t wait to show you. Stay tuned for updates from your friends at RealtyNinja.