Add These Pages to Your Real Estate Website

Add These Pages to your Real Estate Website

The contents of your real estate website pages have a degree of control over how many visitors you convert into leads.

And you have full control over the contents of your website pages. How do you make the most of them?

Well for starters, each page should have an objective of it’s own, and there should be more than two or three pages.

Examples of page objectives could be to provide some sort of value to visitors, to showcase listings, display your expertise on a subject, highlight your personal or professional values, align you with a market or neighbourhood, earn your site some SEO points and traffic, etc… which all work in concert to activate (arguably) your website’s greatest function: capturing leads.

Did you know: Once on a company’s homepage, 86% of visitors want to see information about that company’s products/services? (KoMarketing)

Visit your current real estate website – or any website – and make a note of what pages there are. Also note every way those pages serve visitors at the moment (aka what are their objectives?)

Does it feel like anything is missing?

I hope you said “No”, but in case you feel like you could be doing more I’ve put together a list of 10 pages that you should add to your real estate website ASAP. You could use these pages exactly, some combination of them or just use them as inspiration for your own page ideas.

My goal is for you to walk away with a more comprehensive plan for your new real estate website or your next website update. If you have any questions after reading, or would like us to add any of these to your RealtyNinja website please leave a comment or get in touch via our website.

~ About Me Page ~

Objectives: Introduce yourself and your brand. Highlight values and display expertise. Connect with the visitor and make an impression.

Real Estate Website Pages - About

Whether you’re a brokerage, a team or REALTORS®, or an individual agent, visitors want to know more about you before picking up the phone. Use photos or even better, videos to build an early connection with your visitor.

This would be a great place to display your awards or any personal/professional recognition you’ve received. Mention your hobbies or your mission statement – as long as it’s “about you” it’s fair game.

This is a safe place to do some bragging about yourself – it’s where people expect you to brag in fact.

~ Testimonials Page ~

Objectives: Display expertise and earn trust. Let your past customers do the talking for you – to this day nothing beats peer recommendations.

Real Estate Website Pages  - Testimonials

Nothing says “You can trust me” like someone else saying “I trust him,” so show off the testimonials you’ve collected and received organically on your website.

Testimonials are important trust indicators on your website. Anyone can write a few paragraphs about how awesome they are, but unless other people are agreeing with you then you begin to lose credibility fast.

~ Buyer’s Resources ~

Objectives: Provide valuable information and display expertise. Collect leads. Earn SEO points and visitors. Attract buyers to your website through exclusive content.

Real Estate Website Pages - Buyers

This page is just the beginning. Buyer’s Resources may represent an entire section of your site with multiple pages. A single page, however, is a great start (1 > 0).

What kind of value can you provide buyers that will both show your expertise and help you earn visitors through SEO? How can you make your Buyer’s Resources page or section unique? Are you using lead-capture forms on your buyer’s pages?

This page or section is a tool to attract buyers to your website so that you can make a lasting impression on them – and hopefully convert them into a lead.

~ Seller’s Resources ~

Objectives: Provide valuable information and display expertise. Collect leads. Earn SEO points and visitors. Show your aptitude for working with sellers.

Real Estate Website Pages  - Sellers

Similarly to the Buyer’s Resources, the Seller’s Resources may also represent an entire section of your website. In fact you may be looking to strictly attract Sellers, so you may not even include a Buyer’s Resources page on your site at all.

This page or section will help you attract not only sellers, but the right sellers for you. Do your ideal sellers need condo selling tips or best practices for staging their mansion? Know who you want to attract and cater your resources to their specific needs.

By focusing your website resources pages on a market sector you can attract your ideal sellers (or buyers) to your real estate website.

~ Community Pages ~

Objectives: Provide valuable content and display expertise. Align with a market or community. Earn SEO points while highlighting values. Make their visit memorable with some beautiful visual and written content about your market.

Real Estate Website Pages - Community Pages

Make it plenty obvious to your visitors what neighbourhoods you’re serving by including a dedicated community page or section on your site.

This page can include a variety of different information. From beautiful photos and video tours of the area to the charitable organizations you support in your community – nothing is out of bounds.

The community pages grant you access to branding yourself as a local expert on the area, while providing value to potential leads.

~ Marketing Pages ~

Objectives: Express inherent value, collect leads, and showcase brand advantage. Tell visitors just why working with you gives them the upper hand.

Real Estate Website Pages - Marketing

What is your unique selling proposition? What do you do for your clients that makes you a solid candidate to represent someone in a real estate transaction? This is where you tell them.

Are you the expert negotiator? Do you use Matterport 3D tours for your listings? Do you have prime ad space in the local paper? Do you hire a professional photographer?

Everything you do to market your clients’ listings is valuable content and can help give your brand the advantage over the next REALTOR®. Be sure to include this info on a page on your site.

~ Featured Listings Pages ~

Objectives: Showcase listings and collect leads. Show off your (most) awesome listings and make sure they are optimized.

Real Estate Website Pages - Featured Properties

This page might be called many things – it could be called “Active Listings” on your site. How you word it is up to you, but showcasing your listings (many or few) is one of the most important functions of your real estate website.

RealtyNinja websites allow you to optimize listings with functions like embedded videos, HD photos, virtual tours, and more. Make sure the listings on your Featured Listings page are fully optimized and looking sharp.

Most importantly, your Featured Listings should include lead-capture functions that allow visitors to book a showing or request more info right from the within the listing!

~ Sold Listings Pages ~

Objectives: Display expertise while earning trust. Prospects want to know what kind of real estate you’re used to working with – make it easy for them to find this info.

Real Estate Website Pages - Sold Listings

If you’re brand new to the game and haven’t sold a single listing yet, don’t bother adding a blank page to your website. But if you have sold 1 or more listings, include them on your real estate website.

Think of your website as a resume of your accomplishments. Leaving a single sold listing off your website would be like saying you’re a writer without ever having written anything.

Your sold listings show people how much experience you have with certain properties. It subconsciously earns you trust, and can earn you a lead.

~ MLS® Search Page ~

Objectives: Showcase listings and collect leads. Don’t force prospects to leave your website for a general MLS® search.

Real Estate Website Pages - MLS

This is a pretty standard addition to most real estate websites. I should hardly need to tell you why you need an MLS® search on there.

Some people may bookmark your website as their MLS® search site, and that’s awesome. That being said I don’t believe it should be the main attraction of your website. It is already the main attraction of and many others.

When people arrive at your website for any number of different reasons, make sure they don’t have to leave just to do a general listing search elsewhere.

~ Niche MLS® Search Pages ~

Objectives: Align with a market or community. Showcase listings and collect leads. Connect your real estate brand with that/those niche markets.

Real Estate Website Pages - Niche Search

Further to your community pages, niche MLS® search pages help you further align your real estate brand with the neighbourhoods you serve.

What is a niche MLS® search page? One example might be a page that shows all East Vancouver Houses under $500,000. Another niche search could show all acreages in northern Ontario over $250,000. Another could display all open houses in a certain area.

These niche searches combine a set of listings together and present them to your visitors on a single page. Think about who you’re trying to attract and do business with, and create some niche MLS® search pages that they would like.

~ BONUS: Blog Page ~

Objectives: To produce traffic!! But also to provide valuable info and content, display your expertise, showcase your listings, earn SEO points, earn trust, align with a market, collect leads, be authentic, and everything in between.

Real Estate Website Pages - Blog

Your blog is a constantly updated archive of articles attached to your website. Each article is a page of it’s own, meaning it has an objective of it’s own. One article might be about your new listing, while another article contains a list of the 8 best dog parks in the area – way different objectives accomplished by those two articles.

Yet the objective of your blog “page” as a whole (which contains all of these articles) is ultimately to produce traffic for your website. Multiple objectives working in concert to reach one ultimate objective. That’s why I didn’t add Blog to the original list of 10 – it deserved it’s own bonus allotment. It’s like an entire entity in itself, and is an incredibly powerful addition to your real estate website if used correctly.

One page that I didn’t mention in this article that I believe to be of utmost importance, but also kind of a given, is your Contact page! Your most immediate contact details should be clearly displayed on your website homepage, but you should have a whole other page dedicated to this information as well. Include your social media info, a photo, maybe even a contact form and a map.

I hope this list is giving you some ideas for your new site or your next website refresh! If you have any questions, hit us up in the comments. If you’re a RealtyNinja customer, contact us to add any pages or custom searches to your site for you:

Until next time, Ninjas [-_-]~~~

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