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Real Estate Website Technology 101 – Part 2: Domains & Registrars

What are domains? Domain extensions? Who are registrars? How do they work? In this continuation of the REWT 101 series, we’re covering these details and more.

Clubhouse App for REALTORS®

Clubhouse App for Real Estate Agents (The Last Guide You Need!)

Clubhouse is making waves in the real estate community. Find out everything you need to know to be successful on the Clubhouse App right here!

Real Estate Website Technology 101 – Part 1: Introduction

Throughout this Dojo series, you’ll learn about basic & intermediate website technologies. We’ll cover a range of topics in bite-sized articles!

Old Phone Technology - No Texting and Driving

Tech Terms REALTORS® Needed To Know Yesterday

There are 50 year old REALTORS® who understand every term in the list below very well. However, that’s not the norm – we all know

#SenseiSays: Don’t become a tool of your tools

Audio Transcription:“Sensei says, don’t become a tool of your tools, and use technology just for the sake of using it. While technology and tools can

The Modern Real Estate Agent: Part 1

This week, RESAAS – The Real Estate Social Network – published an article on their blog that was submitted by our Co-Founder Ninja, Casimir Loeber.

Phone, Tablet, Laptop: How to Optimize Your Email Content for Every Screen Size Out There

The recent explosion in popularity over the last few years for mobile Internet devices means that no longer are people reading email strictly on large

A Couple Trends in Real Estate Technology You Need to Capitalize on

In 2014, real estate websites are more important than ever before. Why? Because while printed classifieds and real estate publications are shrinking every month (in

A smarter way to share content and help establish yourself as a thought leader on twitter

So you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and see what this twitter thing is all about. Maybe it’s because you believe that it will