#SenseiSays: Don’t become a tool of your tools

Audio Transcription:
“Sensei says, don’t become a tool of your tools, and use technology just for the sake of using it. While technology and tools can greatly increase your efficiency, they can also hinder you by creating un-needed complexity. Take the less-is-more approach and only integrate a tool into your daily workflow if it will truly help you. CRM’s are a great example, where they can easily make you more efficient, but they can bog you down if you don’t properly commit to using them. Just because someone in the office is having great success with a new tool does not mean it is the right fit for you. First identify what part of your process needs optimizing, and then find the tool that fits the job. Don’t just try to fit a tool into your workflow unless there is a need and a distinct benefit.”

Sensei Says, starring our very own Casimir on the microphone, will bring you expert tips about Real Estate marketing in the form of brief soundbites. Hear more Sensei Says soundbites by searching the ‘Sensei Says’ tag in The Dojo.

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