More Cool New Listing Features

Listing & Building Photos

We’ve re-created the way you add listing & building photos and also made re-ordering a whole lot simpler.

Before today, when you manually added a listing or building, you had to add each photo individually. Now you can upload multiple photos from your computer at the same time, with one click.

Re-Ordering Listings & Buildings

Also, when you wanted to re-order listings and buildings, it was a manual process of clicking up/down arrows to arrange them into place. Now, you can easily drag them up/down into the order you want them displayed.

The same goes for their photos.

Inactive Buildings

You can now mark buildings as “inactive” to temporarily hide them from your live website.

Smoother Backend Experience

We’ve also made a bunch of other little tweaks to the backend that you may notice.

More updates will be coming soon (mobile versions, listing file attachments, etc.).