Katana is Now Available!

Introducing a Better Way to Create REALTOR® Websites.

Katana is here.

IMPORTANT: Begin by watching the Katana launch video below.

I can hardly believe that it was August 2016 when we initially gave Katana an official nudge on our Instagram.

For the better part of two years our team has been in development mode, creating the next generation of real estate agent websites.

Development is now complete….
… Beta testing is out of the way………
… And KATANA IS OFFICIALLY RELEASED to the general public, as of this moment.

The next Generation of REALTOR® Websites is here.

Ninja Dance

What is Katana and how is it different from our older themes?

Katana is not only a website theme or new software. It is the evolution of RealtyNinja, and a smarter way to create real estate websites. Katana is our response to the changing landscape not only in real estate marketing, but in websites & SEO overall.

DRAG & DROP WIDGETS & LAYOUTS: Now you can create the website of your dreams using simple drag-and-drop widgets and customizable layouts, without having to learn code.

EYE-CATCHING DESIGNS: Right out-of-the-box, Katana looks like a $10,000 website and has a ton of flexible design options for no added cost. Looking to go the extra mile? Our Design Ninjas can make your site truly unique for an affordable one time fee.

MOBILE-FIRST TECHNOLOGY: Katana’s mobile experience is just as awesome as the desktop one. That means the roughly 50% of visitors on your website using a phone, tablet or even a smart watch no longer have to struggle navigating your website.


The Wallace Green real estate team site looks awesome on any device
The Wallace Green real estate team site looks awesome on any device

Have more questions about Katana? Read our FAQ at the bottom of this article or check out the Katana tutorial videos.

Talk is cheap. Let us show you what Katana can do…

One of our team’s favourite things about Katana is the endless amount of possibilities for beautiful customization.

Our design Ninjas have already created some remarkable REALTOR® websites using Katana. We’d be remiss if we didn’t show them off here today. Below, check out various screenshots of actual Katana websites that have received a semi-custom or fully-custom facelift ($449 and up.)

PS. Click the screenshots to go to their live REALTOR® website and dig around.
PPS. Want your own semi-custom design? Browse for your favourite design here.
PPPS. Already have a RN site and want to upgrade it to Katana? click here.


Sold on Katana yet?


Prior to today (unless you had a special invite link) if you signed up for a website on RealtyNinja.com you would have created an account using our previous theme (Shinobi.)

From here on in, Katana and RealtyNinja are one and the same – in other words, if you sign up for a website on RealtyNinja.com, you will by default receive a Katana website.

In other words, within a matter of 2-3 minutes, you could be the proud owner of your own Katana website. All you need to do is go to www.RealtyNinja.com and click “Start Your Free Trial,” or just go directly to step 1 of the sign up process.

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