Is the Best Real Estate domain?

There are thousands of Real Estate agents in your area, and thousands more just outside of it. There are many ways to differentiate yourself to stand out from the crowd, and selecting the appropriate Domain Name is one of those crucial decisions!


Having a beautiful, easy to navigate, lead driving website is essential, but what if nobody can find it because your name is tricky to spell? Is your the best choice? How many words long should a domain be anyways?

Here’s a list of 4 Things to Consider when Choosing a Real Estate Domain Name:

1. It shouldn’t be your name.

Though you should own the real estate domain name for your name, that shouldn’t be the primary way people find your site. With annual domain name registration costs running under $10, you should register your name and point it to your site. However, it’s highly likely that few real estate shoppers know your name. Let’s look at some important domain name selection criteria.

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