2 Incredible Free Apps That Will Keep You on Top of Your Content Calendar

Driving traffic to real estate websites is an easier task if you have timely offers and updates to send to potential leads. Web users can get bored if you’re not regularly rotating your web content, which is why content marketing only works if you stay up to date. However, keeping on top of all the portals available to you for your digital marketing campaign can be a tedious job, whether you manage a team to handle it, or are doing it all by yourself. Twitter and Facebook posts are best done during certain times of the week and day, while blogs receive the most views on the weekend. All these scheduling deadlines can get a bit much, and even the most experienced editorial manager can get overwhelmed. Thankfully, there are several different software solutions that can help you to organize your content calendar so all your blog and social media posts get published on time. Here are two free editorial management apps that will keep your content on track.

HootSuite Makes it Easy to Distribute and Promote Content

The best way to update Twitter and Facebook posts or promote your new blogs, as well as to scan the chatter surrounding your specific niche market, is to employ a social media CMS. These can be a real boon to help real estate websites get found. Using a service like HootSuite, you’ll be able to view, synchronize and analyze all of your social media accounts. HootSuite allows you to take a spreadsheet of tweets, for example, and then schedule them to be distributed to your followers. You can do all of your Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Google+ updates simultaneously or schedule them for key days of the week.

Stuck For What To Blog About? InboundWriter Offers an Intelligent Idea Generation Service

Creating new and engaging blog content on a regular basis can be a challenging task if you’re not spending all day online looking at new trends and articles. This is where InboundWriter comes into play. By analyzing available data on the Internet and various social networks, this app can determine what topics are currently generating the most buzz in your particular niche. The app will suggest topics and then predict and measure the results of your blogging efforts. InboundWriter also comes with built-in SEO capabilities, allowing you to select the most powerful keywords based on your blog topic.

Your potential leads are online most of the week and are checking in with you (and your competitors) all the time. If you don’t provide new content on a regular basis, you’re going to be ignored and considered less of an expert insider than your competitors. Stale content can cause your search engine ranking to fall, which means your digital efforts will be for naught. The good news is that there are several free tools that can help you easily promote and produce new content to meet your deadlines and keep your audience interested.

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