Editorial Guidelines

At this time we are only accepting guest post submissions from companies and individuals that exist and operate in Canada. No exceptions.

Interested in contributing articles to The Dojo, our modern real estate marketing blog?

We're always looking for contributors to share marketing articles that educate, provoke, entertain and otherwise engage Canadian real estate agents. For your convenience, we've jotted down a few notes here to make this process as ninja as possible for you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions that are not answered below. Have an awesome day!

How This Works

A) You email your finalized article to us (info -at- realtyninja.com). Include a brief introduction to yourself and your business. Please also include at least 2 links to some of your previously published blog posts.

B) We contact you once we've approved the article to let you know when we'll be publishing your article in The Dojo. If any modifications are required, we may contact you with our suggestions or a request you to make a few edits.

C) We'll promote your article through our email subscriber list and social media channels. We'll also add it to our Edgar library to ensure that the article is shared regularly and consistently once published.

Why The Dojo Exists

To produce high-quality content that arms Canadian real estate agents with the tools and know-how they need to thrive in the age of modern marketing.

About Dojo Readers

Awesome, dedicated Canadian REALTORS® who may be tech savvy or they may not. Either way they are hungry for knowledge and eager to learn and discover more ways to grow their business. The majority of readers are between the ages of 25-44, with female readership nearly equal to male.

Who Should Submit Articles

Marketing Ninja's who actively produce awesome, well-researched articles that are presented with conviction yet in a casual writing style. Contributors shouldn't be afraid to be provocative, to draw from personal expertise, or to entertain the reader.

Examples of Top Dojo Posts

Article Flow

Include a strong yet brief introductory sentence which will lure the reader in without being "clickbaity". Tell stories, include anecdotes and throw in your own personal experiences to create a connection with readers and make the post unique and personal. We write for The Dojo as if we're casually speaking with an individual reader. Treat it as a conversation and be real, awesome, and most importantly: useful.

Article Tone

Casual & conversational. You're not writing a textbook chapter. Don't shy away from using I's, you's, and even a couple lol's if you think it will help. Don't forget, good metaphors, analogies and examples can be as impactful in written work as in real life conversation.

How Many Words Per Article?

There is no hard and fast rule here - some articles need to be shorter and others much longer; we get that. We recommend you aim for a length of 1200 - 2000 words. If you go over or under, or if your article somehow requires different specs we can work it out on an individual basis. Break paragraphs up into 3-4 sentence clusters to make reading and comprehension easy.

Including Links & Media

Include links to The Dojo's existing blog content whenever you can. Please include a minimum of 3 images, videos, presentations, gifs or other visual content to reinforce your article's key points. Note: We may rel=nofollow certain links.

Presenting Research

REALTORS® respond positively to data and research. It's very important to include references to studies and research wherever possible. Using data helps reinforce your main points while building trust with readers. Simply include a link to the source of the data at the end of the data itself.

For example: Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without – HubSpot.

About the Author

Please include 2 or 3 sentences “about the author” with a backlink to your website and a link to your primary social media network. Optional: Include a headshot of yourself.

How to Deliver Your Dojo Article

Send a Google Doc or Word Document to us (info -at- realtyninja.com) Include any photos or media, your author's bio and a headshot if applicable.

We look forward to receiving your submission!