It's come to our attention that fraudsters posing as RealtyNinja employees (or affiliates) have been contacting our customers in an attempt to gain their business. Please be aware that we only ever contact our customers through our official channels, which are:

Our general phone numbers:

  • Toll Free: 1.888.767.7421
  • Vancouver: 604.929.7969

Our team's direct phone numbers:

  • 604-334-9107
  • 604-359-7697
  • 604-334-9124
  • 604-334-9062
  • 604-334-9120
  • 604-334-9059
  • 604-334-9113
  • 604-334-9058
  • 604-256-5047

Our general email addresses:


Our team's direct email addresses:

  • [name]

We urge all of our customers to be on alert for anyone contacting you claiming to be RealtyNinja or working with RealtyNinja, especially if it seems fishy. To be safe, you can always contact us to double check.

We work hard to build real relationships with companies that can help you grow your business in a lasting and meaningful way. That's why we created our marketplace where we negotiate great savings for our customers with reputable third-parties. Having said that, these companies would never contact you claiming to be us.