Do you provide awesome products or services to Canadian real estate agents? If so, we'd like to connect with you!

By becoming an Approved Ninja you can earn commission by referring customers to RealtyNinja. Here's how it works:

1 Refer One Paying Customer

Refer at least 1 paying customer to RealtyNinja before applying to the program.

2 Apply For The Program

Click on the "Apply Now" link in the section below and fill in the application form.

3 Program Approval

We can get started if we're a right fit, and you're happy with the terms and conditions of the program.

4 Promote RealtyNinja

Share your unique affiliate link to potential RealtyNinja customers.

5 Earn Commissions

For every paying customer you'll earn 10% of their subscription fee, and the customer you refer will get a 10% discount.

6 Track Everything

You'll have access to your secure affiliate dashboard where you can track your leads, signups, and commissions.

Become An Approved Ninja!

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