Understanding Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very powerful and entirely free tool that any business, large or small, should be using to optimize their website. It’s an essential service for any business that’s looking to understand their website’s traffic, and use these insights to make informed decisions.

Note: Installing Google Analytics is easy with all RealtyNinja sites. Just paste your tracking code into the “Settings > Google Settings” portion in the backend of your website.

After you’ve installed Analytics, you’ll be able to see what search terms people are using that direct them to your site. You’ll learn how to identify patterns in your website’s traffic, and find out which segments of your users are the most valuable to your business. When you launch marketing campaigns, you can track the success of these projects. Google Analytics will even tell you which pages users stay on the longest, and which ones fail to engage them.

From just this short overview, it’s obvious that implementing changes based on feedback from Google Analytics could give a huge boost to the success of your site. However, there’s a wealth of information to sift through, so there’s also a lot to set up and learn about. For example, not every tool in Analytics is necessarily applicable to every kind of business; for example, e-commerce tracking sections have little impact on real estate sites. But it would be difficult to discover that without using a comprehensive guide that lets you know what each component of Google Analytics does and how best to use it.

That’s where the guide below comes to the rescue; it breaks down the complexities of Google Analytics into manageable portions that you can tackle one step at a time. The power and flexibility of Analytics also leads to complexity, and it can be intimidating to first-time users. Use this guide to save on headaches and wasted time, and set up your Google Analytics account with the least hassle possible.

Click image to open interactive version (via Simply Business).

Luke Clum is a designer and web developer from Seattle.

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