The Best Tools for Your Website

Guest post by our friends at

Not every REALTOR® can afford to plaster his or her face on billboards all over the city. Making the most of your advertising budget starts with your website. As the saying goes, “if you build it, they will come.” RealtyNinja has partnered with to offer a one-two punch for busy real estate agents: awesome websites for you and the best tools for your clients.

Embeddable Tools has been offering homebuyers easy ways to search for the best mortgage rates for years, but we’re a lot more than just a comparison website. Our site offers a number of calculators and widgets for REALTORS® to embed on their own websites, all of which will help first-time buyers and your existing clients. Along with your expertise in buying and selling real estate, our tools can give your website users access to all of financial information they need to make an informed decision. Here are a few of the tools you can embed on your site:

Mortgage Rate Comparison Charts

Giving Canadians access to the best mortgage rates in the country is why was founded. As such, our mortgage rate comparison chart is the first widget we developed for REALTORS® to host on their sites. Even if your clients don’t use the chart to get in touch with one of our brokers, the list of low rates should help them see that there are great rates out there – information which can be brought to the table, when negotiating with a lender. It’s also a great way to get your clients to visit your website often.

Our rates are updated daily, so your clients will always have access to the most up-to-date information. Simply select the size of the chart you want and the province you work in, then copy the HTML snippet onto a new page or into your sidebar and see the rates chart appear.

Mortgage Calculators

We offer four mortgage calculators for Canadian homebuyers, all of which are the most comprehensive of their kind. While many lenders have calculators of their own, ours are easier to use and offer more detailed information that answers some of the most common homebuyer questions.

First, our mortgage payment calculator helps people understand how much their monthly mortgage payment will be. By entering the asking price of a home you may have listed, they can play around with various down payment options, see if CMHC insurance will be added and get an idea of how much they can expect to pay each month.

Our mortgage affordability calculator works similarly, but it takes your client’s income + monthly debt repayment + monthly expenses into consideration and shows them the maximum mortgage loan they could potentially qualify for. The answer is not exact, as a pre-approval can only come from a lender, but the tool helps your clients see which of your listings they could start to consider.

The CMHC insurance calculator shows your clients how the size of their down payment can affect the amount of CMHC insurance they will need to pay. Obviously, if their down payment is 20% or more, they won’t have to get mortgage default insurance, but the tool is great for anyone paying 5-19.99%.

Finally, our land transfer tax calculator can help your clients calculate one of the most expensive closing costs they will face on closing day. Land transfer tax applies to the purchase of a home in most provinces and our calculator will help your clients see how much it could add up to and whether or not they qualify for a rebate.

If you’re a RealtyNinja customer, just get in touch with our support team for help setting up these tools on your website for free.