One of the deadliest weapons in a real estate agent’s arsenal

Lack of sleep makes being an effective real estate agent difficultLet’s say there was a pill you could take that would without a doubt make you a more effective real estate agent, spouse, parent and friend. Let’s also say that it was 100% natural, cost absolutely nothing and had zero negative side effects; would you take it?

Of course you would because it would be irresponsible and selfish not to, for both yourself and everyone around you. It seems that most of us (including myself) are acting irresponsibly because that “pill” does exist and it’s called sleep.

Getting the right amount of quality sleep can have dramatic effects on all aspects of your life but is one of the first things we sacrifice in the name of being more efficient and effective. The worst part is, that it happens without us even knowing it and this stuporous state becomes the new normal which is rather tragic.

Improving your sleep

Improving your sleep is such a low hanging fruit that I implore you to turn off the TV, close your laptop, skip that spot of Tetley and give it a shot.

One of the first steps in solving a problem is understanding it and recognizing why it is a problem. So on that note, here are 5 reasons taken from a wonderfully researched article on, on why entrepreneurs (aka REALTORS®) need a solid nights sleep:

  1. Your Brain Cells May Nap While You’re Awake
  2. Lack of Sleep Ages Your Brain
  3. Sleep-Deprived People Make Riskier (Read: Worse) Decisions
  4. Sleeping On It Lets Your Brain Process The Data
  5. Sleep Helps Solidify Memories

And here is a beautifully written article from which really lays out the issue and offers some easy to follow tips on how to get your sleeping schedule under control. The funny part is that the majority of the most effective techniques are such common sense that you will feel quite chargrined that you didn’t do this in the first place.

Hitting snooze is not a good ideaFor those of you who are chronic snoozers, here is a clever video that shows why you should set your alarm a bit later and never hit snooze again! And last but definitely not least, here is a wonderful step by step system for getting to sleep earlier by my new favourite information source

All this talk about sleep is starting to make me, well.. sleepy =) Do you have any tips or tricks in how you achieve the holy grail of an awesome sleep each and every night? Let me know in the comments as everything little thing helps.

Have an awesome day and sweet dreams!

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