RealtyNinja Update – Sub-pages, flash video embed and more!

We are excited to announce our first major update for RealtyNinja! It is the result of a month of blood, sweat and tears of happiness in seeing our app maturing into a truly powerful real estate website system. I won’t ruin the surprise by going into to much detail on all the change we have made, but here are some of the major updates:

Sub-page support

  • You can now add as many sub-pages as you want (within reason) and position them underneath their parent page via drag and drop.

Preliminary niche building support

  • We have finished the first phase of what we call ‘Niche Functionality’, which will allow you to add buildings/areas to your site that will automatically import any listings that match the specified criteria. For phase 1 you can now add buildings to the backend of your site and have listings imported into those buildings.  This lays the foundation for the ability to create sites such as or

Flash video embed

  • When editing a page on your site, you will notice another button in the toolbar that looks like a video play button. You can press this button and then paste your video embed code into the box that appears. It will then embed the video into the page once you save it.

HTML Cleaner

  • We have continued to work on our HTML cleaner that takes the HTML generated by the frontend editor and cleans it up to ensure that nested text styling and images do not result in display issues. You will notice that there will be fewer issues when heavily formatting a page.

Quick Contact

  • We have split public site contact information and private RealtyNinja account contact information so that you can choose what info to show users on the site. We made it so that you can show as little or as much contact info as you would like.

Notification Bar

  • We implemented a slick and unobtrusive notification bar to give you feedback when adding listings, editing pages, etc. etc. Currently it is only being used for adding MLS listings, but we will expand its usage throughout the site very soon.

Listing table tweaks

  • We tweaked the display of the listing list table to make it look better in all browsers and signify to users that the columns are sortable.

As with all major software updates, we have done our best to ensure that all bugs and kinks have been worked out before launching, but as with any software, there is a chance that issues might arise. If this is the case, please send a request to ‘’ and we will personally take care of it as quickly as possible.

Thank you for reading this post and we hope to have more updates soon!

Casimir Loeber

p.s. I am horrible at keeping things secret… we are currently working on blogging functionality.