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The Modern REALTOR® Marketing Survival Guide - Part 3: Modern Tools & Tech

For REALTORS®, knowing which app or tool to use in a given situation is the key to getting the most from modern technology.

Don’t feel flustered by tools and technology anymore. The highly anticipated 3rd part of our ebook series will help you navigate through the crazy world of modern marketing tools and apps with confidence!

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The Modern REALTOR® Marketing Survival Guide - Part 3: Modern Tools & Tech

When you download the ebook below, you’re going to receive parts 1, 2 and 3! Here are a few example chapters found in each ebook in the collection:

  • The Modern REALTOR® Marketing Survival Guide – Part 1: The Modern Mindset
    • How to Become the Expert People Want to Work With
    • Tips on Developing a Memorable REALTOR® Brand
    • How to Put the “Real” Back in REALTOR®
  • The Modern REALTOR® Marketing Survival Guide – Part 2: Modern Websites, SEO & Blogging
    • How to Dominate Your Market With an Awesome Website
    • The Biggest Issue with Your REALTOR® Website (&How to Fix it)
    • The 25 Minute Real Estate Blog Post Master Plan
  • The Modern REALTOR® Marketing Survival Guide – Part 3: Modern Tools & Tech (JUST RELEASED!)
    • 100+ Modern Tools & Apps that REALTORS® Love (Hot off the press!)
    • Chatbots for Real Estate – The Only Guide REALTORS® Need (Hot off the press!)
    • Virtual Reality Is Here to Stay (Hot off the press!)
    • How to Modernize Your Next Open House (Hot off the press!)
    • An Agent’s Guide to Hashtags (Hot off the press!)
    • The 15 Step Email Marketing Checklist (Hot off the press!)
    • BONUS Chapter: Freebies (Hot off the press!)

This ebook is actually starting to look more like a real book, containing three major parts, dozens of chapters and over 150 pages of great information, tricks, tutorials, ideas, inspiration… and confidence!

That’s right, completing this ebook series will make you feel confident in your ability to navigate the online marketing world. Here’s what a few agents had to say about The Modern REALTOR® Marketing Survival Guide:

I really enjoyed the series so far. How easy it is to read and the overview of different concept laid the frame of my knowledge for an area I am lacking. It gave me confidence to adopt some of these ideas. – Bryan Schwartz, REALTOR®

I wanted to thank you for doing the first 2 and am looking forward to #3. I found both useful and have forwarded them onto my broker/owner (who also has a RealtyNinja website!) The valuable bits change depending on what I’m working on so I would have to say that I will be reading these ebooks multiple times for at least a few more years with the addition of ebook #3. Niche marketing seems to be a big buzz word right now but you told us that first in ebook #1. Ninjas just know things before they get popular, right!! Blogging tips were awesome pointing out that planning, consistency and action are vital for every part of running a business. To all your readers, website clients and followers–if you have a real estate business, READ THESE EBOOKS NOW. Many thanks and looking forward to #3– Alice East, REALTOR®

Thank you RealtyNinja for writing The Modern REALTOR® Marketing Survival Guide. I am learning so much from you awesome ninjas. So proud to be working with you :D :D :D– Karen Biffi, REALTOR®

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[-_-]~~ Ninja Tip: Some people have been known to print these out and keep them in a binder for easy access and reference!

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