Even more ninja page and navigation handling

We have recently changed the way that you manage pages on your RealtyNinja website. Now, instead of clicking the “Edit This Page” button and then dragging or clicking on the actual navigation items on your site, you simply click the “Manage Pages” button  and you will be presented with a lightbox that contains everything you need to manage the pages on your site.

Drag an item up or down to re-order your navigation, and to make a sub-page, just drag the intended item underneath it’s main page, and a little to the right. Everything you need to do with pages can be handled in this lightbox, including adding new pages, editing the options for existing pages, deleting pages and re-ordering your navigation. This change has also simplified the programming and lays the foundation for some more awesome features down the road.

Here is a short instructional video that illustrates the new functionality:

If you have any questions feel free to email us any time at info@realtyninja.com and we will be happy to assist you.