A story of real blogging success in the real estate industry

Real Estate BlogWell class, it looks like we have struck Dojo gold today! Over the weekend I came across a fantastic interview between The Real Estate Tomato and Lori Turoff, a successful real estate agent in Hoboken New Jersey. Lori kindly goes into detail on how she is actually making money on her blog, what she blogs about and other awesome tidbits!  It’s rare to find such candid information on specific marketing techniques that come from your specific market and with this interview we have struck gold!

2 of my favroutie quotes are when she is asked about blogging about her own listings:

I am positioning myself to be the market expert. My credibility is everything and that disappears entirely when I start touting my listings. I don’t talk about other agent’s listings either.
And when asked what she blogs about:
My job is not only to give them the facts but to then interpret those facts in a useful way.
Now what are you waiting for?!?! Go out and blog already!

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