9 Awesome Real Estate Marketing Videos Created by Ninjas

9 Awesome Real Estate Marketing Videos Created by Ninjas

We’ve been speaking a lot this year about video marketing. And it feels like more and more of you have been listening…

We are six months into 2017; the year when Facebook Business Pages gained the ability to host Live video. This January, Instagram Live Stories launched off to the public.

Augmented reality videos are now commonplace on apps such as Snapchat, or Facebook Messenger. Virtual Reality is becoming more accessible and normal every single day. I’m sure you’ve even heard of an agent or two who are experimenting with VR.

YouTube reports that mobile video consumption rises 100% every year. (Source)

There is no denying that video is the marketing medium of the present AND future.

We all live in an attention economy, where everybody from Netflix, to the local REALTOR®, to your friend’s Pomeranian is trying to earn a fragment of peoples’ online attention.


If you plan to grab some of that attention this year, you need to engage in more video marketing.

more video

Over the last few months, I’ve noticed more and more examples of good real estate videos being produced by agents.

Whether this new video strategy of theirs is them responding to industry’s needs or them listening to advice from us Ninjas (or other Ninjas,) we’re really proud and excited for them.

Today I am sharing 9 videos created by RealtyNinja customers this year, that we think are AWESOME. Let these videos help guide and inspire you to start shooting today!

1. Craig Veroni

“Day Three Of My 30 Favourite Places in North Vancouver”

After discovering the YouTube Director App, Craig has been filming and releasing his new North Vancouver mini-series – and it’s SO good. Craig has an awesome camera presence (doesn’t hurt to be a trained actor) but what we love the most is that his video series is totally community-based.

2. Kate Miller

“Top 10 Tips for Buyers – #3”

Kate Miller has been releasing these awesome, utilitarian videos for both buyers and sellers lately. When buyers and sellers tune in and listen to Kate talk about real estate, they can instantly tell that she knows this business.

3. Leah Chandler

“Dream Home Agent Intro Video”

In this intro video, Leah Chandler gives visitors a chance to get to know her philosophy about the real estate industry. Listening to her talk about what drives her to help buyers and sellers find their “Dream Home” effortlessly paints a picture of Leah’s brand in your mind. Way better than any “About me” paragraph could ever hope to do.

4. Jayson Sidhu

“North Delta Real Estate: Market Update May 2017”

It’s rare to come across a real estate agent who consistently puts their own spin on what the market is saying. Instead of re-sharing the board’s market update videos, Jayson Sidhu sifts through the information and delivers the important details in his own way. Jayson is very consistent with his videos, and is also engaging enough with the data that you feel a connection with him as you watch.

5. David Piper

“Open House 12556 206th MR”

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This is a great example of shooting a very quick, impromptu video while waiting for your open house visitors. David Piper is so casual and charming, he makes you feel welcome even before you show up. This type of video is a great way to prime people to attend your open house (upcoming, or same day!)

6. Dana Hinsche

“What to look for when you’re looking to hire a REALTOR®”

In this video, Josh Bath takes what could have very easily been a status update – written all in text – and converted it into a more engaging medium: video. Josh is very simply giving us an update on the donation drive in the neighbourhood, and asking for viewers to donate. However, the video showed you that he’s actually out there in the streets, knocking on doors and collecting donations himself! Anybody could have written the status update, but only Josh is Josh.

8. Tanner Hawryluk

“Phenomenal executive acreage only minutes from Spruce Grove!”

I wasn’t going to include this type of video in this article, but this “property tour” video by Tannery Hawryluk surprised me pleasantly. First of all, I’ve never heard such awesome music during a listing video. So exciting, It feels like I’m watching a clip from X-Men. Jokes aside, the audio is super engaging, but the video itself is something of a masterpiece. Smooth transitions, great quality, beautiful aerial shots… so so good, just goes to show you how far professional drone videos can go.

9. Danielle Moreau

“Why we offer our Sellers FREE pre-home inspections”

Before watching this video, I didn’t know much about pre home inspections. Not only was this an educational video for me, but I now also know that the Moreau real estate team always offers this service to sellers! A great video that showcases both unique value and a subtle self promotion – plus, Danielle seems so calm and intelligible that it’s easy to start trusting her after just one video.

Thanks for watching everyone! If you have any questions or would like to share your own videos with us, please do in the comments below!

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