3 Listing Presentation Secrets That Build Trust with Today’s Consumer

In a recent Home Seller Survey conducted by the California Association of Realtors;

47% of home sellers advised real estate agents to “Work hard and stay on top of everything”, while 46% suggest real estate agents “Keep clients informed”.

These answers are not surprising given today’s reality of online portals, mobile apps, and 24/7 help desks.

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Given these always available, always connected consumer expectations; it’s no mystery why trusting a comparatively low-tech local REALTOR® with what is often the largest transaction of their lives – must be daunting at best and downright scary at worst!

Understanding a home seller’s need for information, evidence, and trust presents a valuable opportunity for the real estate agent to tailor their listing presentation to specifically meet these expectations.

The prospective home seller’s fears will be calmed, and trust and rapport will grow – the #1 reason clients choose their listing REALTOR®, according to the same survey.

So what is the secret to building trust with today’s consumer and leapfrogging over the competition?

It’s actually simpler than it seems; offer unique services others can’t match & combine with solid & verifiable guarantees that the prospective home sellers can rely on.

Once your clients are presented with and appreciate this higher level of service they could (and should) be receiving, the competition fades away and their choice of real estate agent become clear.

Becoming the real estate agent of choice is simpler than you think

3 keys to building trust with today’s modern consumer:

1. Home Selling Plan

Presenting a detailed plan itemizing every single task the real estate agent will perform, along with due dates and communication commitments – builds trust and establishes a commitment to work hard in writing.

2. Track & Share Information

Sharing an online document or real estate listing management software that is regularly updated recording each inquiry, showing, marketing effort, and feedback – builds accountability and helps today’s clients feel informed and empowered.

ListingsPlus Listing Management Software for Real Estate Agents

3. Schedule Follow-Up Meetings

Establishing a follow-up meeting schedule – gives clients comfort that in the case of any concerns, they will have an opportunity to discuss face-to-face.

With a little preparation, some planning and the right tools; a modern real estate agent can build trust with today’s educated consumer and establish relationships resulting in happy, satisfied clients and ongoing repeat and referral business for the real estate agent.

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