16 Powerful AI Tools For Real Estate Agents (Beyond ChatGPT)

A roundup of AI tools you can use in your real estate business today.

At the beginning of this year we wrote an article on ChatGPT and how real estate agents can use it. It was a novel idea at first, but now it seems like everyone is at least aware of it and most are utilizing it at work or in their daily lives.

It’s crazy to think just how quickly that new technology was embraced. In fact, it had the highest adoption rate in the history of the tech industry!

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve, it’s imperative that real estate agents educate themselves and find meaningful ways to utilize it in their business.

What will the impact of AI be on real estate agents?

We’re quite optimistic about AI and the impact that it will have on the world and the real estate industry. We don’t think that AI will ever replace real estate agents, however we do believe that agents that adapt quickly to technological advancements can deliver more value to their clients with less effort, and that will eventually become the norm. Then, just as everything has settled in… another wave of innovation will be created, early adopters will jump on it, followed by the early majority, the late majority, then everyone else.

Those that are open to change, see opportunity, learn how to apply new tools and acclimate quickly will stay ahead. It’s always been this way and this time is no different. From the invention of the mechanical loom to ChatGPT and beyond.

This increase in productivity lets agents focus their time and attention on what they do best, as opposed to being bogged down on mundane and technical tasks. Let’s face it: most agents would much rather spend an afternoon meeting with clients or networking than sitting behind a computer trying to remove a leftover coffee cup in a listing photo, writing a listing description, or designing a brochure. That’s not why they got into real estate.

It’s literally the reason why we started RealtyNinja – our website platform for real estate agents. Back in the day when a real estate agent wanted a website they couldn’t just sign up for a platform that had all the functionality and everything they needed already built in. They were required to set up a web server, hire a programmer (or learn to code), spend months and thousands upon thousands of dollars just to make a decent real estate website. Now you can have a professional site up in minutes for a fraction of the cost. The same exact thing is going to happen to tasks that currently take up your afternoon. AI will make those better, faster and cheaper so you can spend your time and money on more important stuff.

Richard Baldwin, an economist and professor at the Geneva Graduate Institute in Switzerland says you don’t need to worry about AI taking away your job — as long as you know how to use it.

“AI won’t take your job,” Baldwin said during a panel at the 2023 World Economic Forum’s Growth Summit. “It’s somebody using AI that will take your job.”

Right now is the best opportunity to leverage the power of AI in your business, and accelerate past your competitors.

How Real Estate Agents Can Use AI Today

Using AI-powered tools in your business can be a force-multiplier, allowing you to look professional while saving you valuable time, and in some cases saving you hard costs as well.

Aside from ChatGPT, you’re probably wondering what else you can currently do with artificial intelligence and how you can use it to “level up” your real estate business. This article aims to give you a solid list of tools that you can use right now in your business as a real estate agent, team or brokerage.

Make sure you read on until the end of the article where we’ll introduce you to additional AI powered tools you can use in your personal life, from travel planning to creating music. Let’s get into it!

Note: This article was written in mid-June 2023. Due to the exponential nature of innovation in this field, many of these tools may change, disappear, or become obsolete within a relatively short amount of time. We’ll do our best to update this article as time passes.

16 AI Tools For Real Estate Agents, Teams and Brokerages

RealtyNinja’s AI Powered Listing Description Generator

Shameless plug for our own AI-powered Listing Description Generator. Now you don’t even need a RealtyNinja website to use it! Our tool lets you use your voice (or text) to describe a listing in simple terms, and it generates a high-quality and unique description in seconds.


Styldod offers virtual home staging for real estate agents, so you can easily transform your listing by turning vacant rooms into beautiful, stylish, virtually staged spaces. Help potential buyers visualize their new home while saving money on physical staging.


Krisp lets you magically remove background noise on your Zoom calls and more. Dogs barking, kids crying, blenders roaring… it doesn’t matter. It detects and removes it all in real-time. The best part is that you can also enable Krisp on your own speakers, so you can remove background noise from people you’re listening to on a call.


Type your question into Perplexity and watch it deliver answers just like ChatGPT, but with cited sources and external links you can click on for more info.


We’ve all heard of Canva and you may already be using it to create stunning graphics and videos for your business, but did you know that it has a suite of AI-powered tools as well?

Check them out: Magic Design, Magic Write, Text to Image, Magic Eraser, Magic Edit, Presentations, Beat Sync, Translate.


A lot of top agents leverage the power of video, and some even have their own podcasts. Descript is a new and fun way to write, record and edit both. Your recordings are automatically transcribed and then you can edit them like you would a text document. It’s really neat!


People would much rather watch content than read it. The issue is that creating a video usually takes a lot of effort. This is especially true if you’re filming a “talking head” video. With Synthesia you can simply type in your script and an AI avatar will read it for you in a video that you can use on your website, social media and other places.

I wouldn’t recommend using this as a replacement for your own introduction video, but it would be a great add-on to pages that have a lot of text. Readers can sit back and watch a “person” read the content on the page to them.


Loopin is great for real estate teams that want to automatically summarize meetings and create recaps and action plans. It uses AI to transcribe meeting records and create meeting minutes in seconds.

Remover (from ZMO)

Remover lets you do exactly what the name says: remove anything from your images. Let’s say you took the perfect listing photo but forgot to remove your Starbucks cup from the kitchen counter. No worries! Remover can seamlessly get rid of it for you, without the need for Photoshop.

Opus Clip

Opus Clip lets you repurpose long-form video content into shorts in one click. It uses AI to analyze your video for the most compelling moments, and extracts relevant highlights from different parts of your video, then seamlessly rearranges them into short shareable clips.


Logomaster is an AI-powered design tool that will create a logo in 5 minutes. Logos are delivered in a variety of formats for both print and web usage.

BONUS: Check them out in the RealtyNinja Marketplace for 15% off (available to RealtyNinja customers only).


Jasper helps you write on-brand content 10x faster than doing it manually.


Getfloorplan lets you upload a 2D floorplan and their system generates a 3D version of it using the power of artificial intelligence. It can then be verified and refined by a human for quality assurance.

REimagine Home

REimagine makes it possible to redesign a home, inside and out, using the power of AI. This is great for potential buyers that have a hard time visualizing what a new property could look like if it had a professional makeover. Don’t use this for listing photos (beyond virtual staging), but it’s a great tool for coming up with design and remodelling inspiration.

Alternative: Interior AI


Trying to come up with the perfect name for your real estate team? Check out Namelix, the AI-powered business name generator.


Fliki lets you turn your blog posts (and other text content) into videos with realistic voices in a matter of minutes.

BONUS: Personal AI powered tools you can use in your every day life

Tripnotes is next-gen travel planning. Just tell Tripnotes where you want to go, and what you’re generally looking for (ie: “5 places to take a client our for lunch”) and offers up a plan.

Soundraw let’s you create royalty-free music with AI. For example this would let you make a custom song for your video, at the exact length you need it.

Starrytar let’s you upload a few photos of yourself and generate personalized avatars in a variety of styles. Alternatives: Tryiton, ProfilePicture.ai.

Final thoughts

With all the gloomy predictions about AI and how it’s going to disrupt everything, I want to remind you that the business of real estate is and always will be about relationships. The strength of your relationships with the people in the community you serve is no match for big data, advanced algorithms and corporate giants. AI is a tool. Understand it and use it wisely and it will serve you. Not the other way around.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about AI in real estate and any other tools you think our audience would enjoy. Thanks for reading.

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