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Listings-Only (IDX) accounts are for agents that already have their own non-RealtyNinja website that they wish to keep, but are looking to enhance it with our MLS®/IDX functionality. It's not a direct MLS® data feed, but it allows you to embed our MLS®/IDX functionality into the pages on your site. For example let's say you hired your own web designer to create a website for you (outside of RealtyNinja) but it lacks any sort of real estate functionality. Your website designer would use this product to display MLS®/IDX features on your site.

It works by dynamically loading MLS®/IDX content into your non-RealtyNinja website using responsive javascript/iframe embed codes.

You're able to embed MLS® searches, listings (active, sold, rentals and custom groups) and buildings (as well as custom building groups). Listings will display their photos, descriptions and all IDX details. They'll have a map, street view, walkscore, mortgage calculator, tour links, social sharing, send-to-friend and lead-capture forms.

Yes, although it's not a native Wordpress plugin, it works great with most WP themes. Details here.

Listings-Only (IDX) accounts work on any website that allows dynamically loaded iframes. We have specific instructions for Squarespace and other platforms. Get in touch with your specific needs and we'll help you out!

Google tries to associate framed content with the page containing the frames, but they don't guarantee it. If SEO is important to you, we recommend using our full websites.

We don't provide MLS® data on its own. Embed codes will display our MLS® features and functions on your own non-RealtyNinja website via iframes.

We allow the usage of embed codes on one domain per account.

After you sign up, you're free to create embed codes and try them out on your own website/domain without entering a credit card. You only pay to launch the account and remove the "trial mode" messages.

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