Approved Ninjas

Our Affiliate Program

Approved Ninjas are companies that provide exceptional products or services to Canadian real estate agents.

If you represent such an organization, and are interested in working with RealtyNinja to grow your business, we want to connect with you! As an Approved Ninja, you'll receive a custom promo code which unlocks either our White Belt Discount 1 (13% off) or Black Belt Discount 2 (20% off). You may also be eligible to join the RealtyNinja Marketplace 3.

Apply to become an Approved Ninja today! Start by clicking the button below.

Apply to Become an Approved Ninja

1 & 2. White Belt and Black Belt Discounts: Applied to the monthly or annual subscription fee for new RealtyNinja Websites, Hotsheets and Listings-Only (IDX) Accounts. These discounts do not apply to existing accounts or any additional services (such as design customizations).

3. RealtyNinja Marketplace: A reciprocal program you receive Black Belt Discounts for all new RealtyNinja accounts, and in return you offer RealtyNinja customers an exclusive deal on your products or services.

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