Use YouTube Director App To Make Real Estate Videos, FAST!

Camera picture provided by Smart, the online photography course creators.’

UPDATE: Unfortunately YouTube has discontinued this app – we are hunting for a similar alternative. When we do, we’ll update this article again. But for now, don’t bother reading on, as the Director app is no longer available. #sadface

Creating a video to promote your real estate business is a lot less intimidating in theory than it is in practice.

A lot of agents reading this right now have at one time or another decided to throw video marketing into their mix.

Only to realize that it was too much work, they weren’t very good at it, didn’t know what to say, and just didn’t have the time.

Imagining + Planning your video marketing strategy is much different from Directing, Filming & Editing the video itself…

Enter: YouTube Director For Business App

(Note: This app is only available for iOS devices at this time. If you find something similar for Android, please let me know!)

A YouTube celebrity doesn’t have any clue how to sell real estate; that doesn’t mean a REALTOR® can’t claim some YouTube fame.

Today, instead of a long winded article about strategic video marketing, I’m going to keep it very short and oh-so-sweet.

Remember, 1 > 0 getting started is more important than getting polished. And this article is going to help you get going with video faster than you ever thought possible.

Introducing one of the best video creation tools for real estate agents (or any business) that I’ve ever found. Watch the video below before carrying on.

What if I told you there exists an official YouTube app that:

A.) Contains a series of real estate video templates (6 currently)

  • New Properties
  • Property Tour (screenshots in article are from this template)
  • Property Overview
  • Tips for Success
  • Daily Tip
  • Process


Youtube Director Real Estate Video Templates
YouTube Director for Business App

From the screen above, select which video template you would like to begin with. For example’s sake, we’re going to assume you select “Property Tour”.

B.) Contains shot lists consisting of 4-12 clips (depending on the template)

  1. “Tell viewers who you are and what you’ve got to offer!”
  2. “The exterior or main room of the property”
  3. “What’s the best feature of your first property?”
  4. “Talk about this feature in detail.”
  5. “Mention the main room of this house and why it’s great.”
  6. “Tell potential buyers how to reach you with a title card”


Youtube Director App Property Tour Scenes
YouTube Director for Business App

When on the screen above, select any of the shots in the list to begin modifying the contents of that shot.

C.) Directs each shot by telling you what to say and what video to record (for each shot)

  • Read the instructions
  • Record and insert voiceover
  • Record and insert video clip
  • Type and insert text and styling


Youtube Director for Business
YouTube Director App for Business

Once you select a shot to create, you will see a screen like the one above. This is where you will record a voiceover, video footage and add any applicable text and style. All with the touch of a few buttons.

D.) Publishes your completed video directly to your YouTube Channel!

  • Add video title
  • Add video description
  • Select Privacy & select Channel
  • Publish directly to your YouTube Channel!


Youtube Director App Publishing to YouTube Channel
YouTube Director for Business App

In other words, the YouTube Director for business app is basically like having an assistant director in your pocket – 100% FREE.

To show you the quality of the end product, I created a property tour video (starring my own apartment) using the YouTube Director for Business app on my iPhone 7 – it took me 17 minutes from start to publish.

These videos can be turned into YouTube ads, can be hosted on various social networks, can be embedded into your listings themselves, and more.

Video content is worth it’s weight in gold in the residential real estate business. Now you can be an all-star real estate videographer by tomorrow.

Download the app right away and get started.

And don’t forget to show me any videos you end up creating with this awesome app! Have an awesome day, my Ninja!

PS. The camera picture at the top of this blog post is provided by Smart, the online photography course creators.

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