Use Awesome Parallax Sections to Bring Your Katana Site to Life

In a time when humans have the attention span of goldfish, we constantly need to find new ways to capture & keep interest.

When it comes to your real estate website, Parallax sections can really help in this regard.

What is this “Parallax” you speak of?

In the context of this article we’re referring to Parallax as it relates to websites. But Parallax is not a concept that originated in web design nor is it solely applied to websites.

Parallax as a theory is applied to many industries — ie. video games, photography, pop-up books (ha!) — and these days web design as well!

Two definitions of Parallax:

  1. The Fancy Scientific Definition: The apparent displacement of an observed object due to a change in the position of the observer.
  2. The Plain-English Website Definition: When you scroll up or down a web page, and a background image remains fixed in place, creating a cool movement effect.

Still not sure if you get it? Here’s what a great Parallax section on a Katana REALTOR® website looks like:

Notice how the photo of the lake + chair doesn’t move when you scroll.

Note: Parallax is still not available on iPhone / iPad screens — it only works for viewing on regular laptop screens or larger. On smaller screens, the background image will appear without parallax. Be sure to test your designs on mobile and desktop for best possible outcomes.

Create Your Own Parallax Sections with Katana

Now that you understand what Parallax sections are, I want to show you how to create them using your new Katana real estate website software.

Since everyone loved the last Katana tutorial video on Landing Pages so much, I’ve created another one for you guys! In the step-by-step tutorial video below, I’m going to show you a few methods and best practices for using Parallax tastefully on your real estate website.

BONUS: Just below the video, you can download our free Katana Parallax Kit” which contains all the files I used in the clip and a bunch more! Submit your email to receive that bundle immediately.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial, and I look forward to seeing what you create! Please share your creations and your questions in the comments below. Cheers, Ninjas! [-_-]~~~

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