Our Ninja Family Needs Your Help Fighting Cancer

Eli Drobnik

Before the end of 2016, tragedy struck the RealtyNinja family. We need your help.

Those of you who have been RealtyNinja customers for a while now probably know Thorsten – our lead developer. For those of you who don’t, Thorsten was part of the original team who built the RealtyNinja app over 6 years ago. He has been a pivotal part of  our company since day one (and even before.)

Thorsten and his wife Bianca received the most earth shattering news two parents could ever receive. Their 5 year old son, Eli, had been diagnosed with Leukemia… just before Christmas.

Their entire family was transported from their home in Qualicum Beach to the Children Hospital in Vancouver right away. As you can probably imagine, the last couple weeks of Thorsten and his family’s life have been flipped upside-down.

As always in these situations, an unexpected financial burden has been placed on the family. RealtyNinja has donated what we can to the cause, now we’re turning to you – our world class readers and customers – for your help with fundraising!

Please click here if you would like to make a contribution to Eli’s crowdfunding campaign.

Quick note from Thorsten: “Dear Ninjas, thank you all so much in advance for your help and support during this critical time for our family. There is no way to describe how much your kindness and compassion means to us and Eli.”

100% of the contributions go straight to Thorsten’s family during this time of extreme need. If you’re unable to donate money at the moment, we completely understand – kind words and messages can also be beneficial. We would love to forward Thorsten, Bianca & Eli any messages and well-wishes you have, so please feel free to send them to us via e-mail or comment on this blog!

If you can also please share this article to your own social media networks, we would never forget it. Heart Emoji

Note: We would like to assure you that our development progress with Katana and other features are still moving forward as planned. We are working closely with Thorsten and additional developers to minimize the effect on our development schedule.

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