New & Important Updates to RealtyNinja

We hope everyone had a fantastic Q3 and that your Q4 started with a bang! We have a fresh set of new features and updates to share with you. Let’s get started!

We’ve spent the better part of the last 4 months completely re-coding our listing engine from the ground up. Our old engine was great, but it didn’t have the flexibility we needed to build new listing features and plug-in data from real estate boards outside of Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley and Chilliwack. We understand the importance of how listings are presented on your website, and to truly take that experience to the next level we had to rethink how our listing infrastructure worked.

Last week we transferred all listing functionality to the new engine. For our existing customers this means the MLS® Search on your website just got even faster. In fact, it now takes about 0.3 seconds to search 28,335 active listings (In Firefox, Chrome and Safari). Don’t believe us? Give it a shot: just click “select all” under the list of areas.

This also paves the way to finally make features like HD listing photos and expand our MLS® board integration outside of BC.

We also have a few promotions to announce that will save you money!

Agent Makeover – Custom Personal Branding For Real Estate Professionals

$500 OFF any package for current paying RealtyNinja customers

Check out the well-written article “6 Tips to Remember When Creating Your Real Estate Brand” by Lory from Agent Makeover.

Get in touch with Agent Makeover today to get started. Make sure to mention promo code 1029 from RealtyNinja.

Introducing the RealtyNinja Jump Kick Promotion

We would like to offer the ability for 30 of our customers to take advantage of the RealtyNinja Jump Kick promotion. What it breaks down to is this: for $1000 upfront we will provide your account with a $1200 credit. Keep in mind that the $1000 includes tax so you are really only paying $892.86 + tax for $1200 credit. Like we mentioned above, this is only available to the first 30 people who claim it. So act now before it disappears like a ninja in a puff of smoke. Just get in touch with us to take advantage of this offer.

New Feature: Custom CSS

Working with a web designer? You now have the ability to set custom CSS styles on your website’s theme. Find it in Settings > Custom CSS if the backend of your website.

New Feature: Image Tags & Sizing

You can now set the ALT and TITLE attribute on images inserted into your website. This is great for SEO.

Basically it lets you set words that describe the image on the page. It not only helps with web search, but also image search, which can occassionally bring valuable traffic to your website.

You can also define the exact height and width of images, so you don’t have to try and line things up when resizing by hand.

To use these new options, just mouse-over an image (in edit mode) and you’ll see a new “image options” icon.

Editor Enhancements

Modern browsers are now updating themselves automatically in the background. This is a good thing for the web, but it means that browser vendors are constantly changing how things work and that sometimes effects our code. Recently we’ve had a few bugs creep up that effected the stability of our editor. Some things would dissapear after being saved, formatting would be cleared or buggy, etc. We spent some solid time and upgraded some of the core libraries that our editor is using and this has drastically improved things. Editing your website and formatting text should be painless and free of bugs. We think you’ll find the new editor much more stable.

Tweaks & Bug Fixes

  • Added paging to media library lightbox, when adding/replacing an image (cuts down on scrolling and load time)
  • Added a “Insert Horizontal Line” feature to our editor. This is great for creating a visual separator on the page. For example between your testimonials.
  • Added blog paging to cut down on load time
  • Warning when leaving a page you’re editing without saving
  • Updated jQuery to latest version (improves overall speed and stability)
  • New page saving method – automatically checks everything and reloads the page
  • Removed old code that wasn’t being used anymore
  • Modified how themes are handled for IDX/Embed accounts – now have the ability to customize CSS on embedded themes
  • Bug fix: Made it so that if a user fills out the ‘request agent contact’ form when viewing a listing that it shows the agent what listing they are referring to even if the user cleared this information
  • Bug fix: Moving a listing from one group to another sometimes didn’t work
  • Bug fix: Clicking around then replacing an image would result in 2 images being inserted
  • Bug fix: Embedding a new item sometimes cleared other embedded items on the same page
  • Bug fix: Sorting listings didn’t work sometimes for certain users
  • Bug fix: Media library lightbox would remain open once you replaced an image