Dojo Recap: The Most Important Lessons for Real Estate Agents

RealtyNinja Dojo Recap Video

Over three years ago, we rebranded the RealtyNinja blog and called it “The Dojo” – since then, we’ve been publishing articles almost every single week.

A “Dojo” is a room or space where martial arts is studied and practiced.

We thought it was a fitting title, since we are Ninjas and since the objective of our blog articles was always to provide education & value to real estate agents; be it technical, theoretical, inspirational or philosophical.

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to put together a short video that would summarize some of the most important lessons we’ve covered in The Dojo since its inception. I’m happy to announce that video is officially here.

The video is just below this sentence, and below that is a brief transcript and all the links mentioned in the video. We hope you enjoy!

Write Listing Descriptions that SELL With This AIDA Template

Here’s Why New REALTORS® Need The Nicest Websites

Instagram TV (IGTV) for REALTORS®

Will REALTORS® Be Replaced by Technology?

Create the Ultimate REALTOR® Community Web Page Using Katana

  • Focus on niche and provide value to the people of that niche through your website
  • This will help you rank higher on SEO, and will help your ads convert a lot better
  • Focus on being the “Big Fish in a Small Pond” instead of in a “Big Pond”

Is Your Real Estate Website SSL Secure? What REALTORS® Need to Know About HTTPS

The Step-by-Step Guide to Improving Your Real Estate Listings Google Rank

Advice from Modern REALTORS® to New Agents

Real Estate Landing pages Are Easier Than Ever With Katana

  • Creating ads or posting links on social media? Send people to a landing page with one objective
  • Don’t send people to your homepage where people can get lost in all the information
  • If you are a RealtyNinja customer using Katana, you can create unlimited landing pages for free

Thank you for tuning in today, Ninjas! If you found this video useful, please browse The Dojo regularly for more articles every month. Also, download the free 3-part ebook series at the bottom of this article.

Thanks a lot, and have an awesome day!

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